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Beastie Boys auction one of a kind memorabilia for 'an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond'

From MTV VMAs to Gold Records - the Beastie Boys have collected a ton of awards over the years ... but the thing is - none of them seem to have space to keep them. Cause that NYC rent is $$$ and they weren't "something they needed to look at."



So B-Boy Mike D would give the commemorative items to  his mother to store ...  but sadly. - she has passed away, leaving the moon men and framed records to collect dust.  So the group decided to auction them off - but for a good cause  . . . 


Mike D took to Instagram to let the world know - 


"This feels a bit weird to post, but at the same time it would feel wrong not giving y’all a heads up. I was never comfortable holding onto or looking at these awards/accolades that we got through the years. Don’t get me wrong - I’m appreciative of them, it’s just not something I need to look at. Anyway, I would give them to my mom whenever they came in and she was really happy to have them. Sadly, she died this last year. She was an amazing woman, but that’s a whole other story. Sooooo we are selling some of the stuff that she had. I know the shit is pricey and maybe you have none or very little interest. And that’s fine. But all the $ goes to @goodeatsorg - an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond."




A post shared by Mike D (@miked)


Items sold included in the auction the Beastie's Licensed to IllIll CommunicationPaul's BoutiqueCheck Your Head, and To the Five Boroughs Gold and Platinum Sales Awards; their 1998-1999 VMA 'Best Hip Hop Video' Moon Man for "Intergalactic;" their 2009 'Best Video' Moon Man for "Sabotage;" and a set of the "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" limited edition action figures.



You can view the entire lot of Beastie Boys items that sold over at Southeby's - but sadly the bidding is over 

When cool action figures come around - you must get it: Funko drops two DEVO pop figures

Are we not men? We are DEVO (action figures) 


Funko, maker of the collectable vinyl action figures -  just wrapped up their "Funko Fair" where they introduced a bunch of new POP! figures, including two DEVO figures! 



The first figure features the signature Energy Dome helmet from the "Whip It" video **AND**  comes complete with a whip -- you know - so you can whip it ... whip it good. The second is based on the "Satisfaction" video, with the signature yellow jumpsuit / orange helmet combo.


The figures don't seem to be available until this summer - but we hope our Funko Friends at Third Eye Comics will have them as soon as they are available ! 


Concerts and Chocolates - Pearl Jam release a perfect pairing- just in time for Valentine's Day

Lets face it - roses and sappy cards have been done - what your Valentine really wants - is to go to a concert.  And chocolates... everyone wants chocolates :P 


And this Valentine's Day - since GOING to a concert isn't in the cards - Pearl Jam has the next best thing - a stream of their August 10, 2018 hometown show from Seattle’s Safeco Field.



The show - which will be available to view from February 12 to 16 - was the second night of a two-date stint  and “widely regarded as a career highlight for the band”.  The “never-before-seen full-colour footage” features an epic 36-song set (see the full list below) ...  


Get access to the stream HERE.




And what better to pairing for a night on the couch- a box of special chocolates - that are for sale now - and proceeds benefit the band's Vitalogy Foundation.  Get the chocolates HERE (order now to get them in time for February 14) 



“As Pearl Jam prepares to stream Night 2 of the Home Shows this year, we’re excited to once again partner with the Vitalogy Foundation on an exclusive treat – this time giving you a taste of our handmade caramels ... This delicious collection of three of our northwest-inspired caramel flavours comes wrapped in a Pearl Jam Home Shows commemorative sleeve that you’ll love long after the chocolate has been enjoyed! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to enjoy while experiencing an iconic evening of music and supporting a worthy cause.”



Here is the set list for the show: 



Future of Concert Venues: The Vertical Theatre Group reveals its vision of 'future-proof' concert venues

In 2020 - as the concert industry was paralyzed by the COVID 19 pandemic - a group of industry leaders gathered to work towards a new design of 'future proof' venues - that would allow concerts to resume in these current situations 


Photo: The Vertical Theatre Group


Their results, revealed this week by the The Vertical Theatre Group, is a free-standing concert hall - designed specifically with socially distancing in mind and is apparently  "tourable" during a pandemic.  


The venue would be covered by  a roof but optional open sides to allow increased  airflow and natural ventilation. Concert goers would sit in balconies made for groups of    4-12 people or designated social pods.


Photo: Vertical Theatre Group


The venues' capacities would be between 1,200-2,400 people and have the capability to include built-in global streaming capacity.


Entertainment architect Ric Lipson and project member said: 

Creativity defines all the artists and partners we work with ... we were excited to see what a new type of cross arts collaboration could produce, as we build a new vision for the future of live entertainment – The Vertical Theatre."

The announcement came with the following clip of the venue design:



The Vertical Theatre Group founders also said:  

"We are devoted to the vital importance of arts and culture. We believe they are an essential part of human experience, of what makes us who we are ... We are very excited to be able to bring this innovative new venue offering to the live entertainment world at this pivotal moment for the future of the arts."

The group has previously created live performance designs for some of the artists in the world such as Beyoncé, U2, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Monty Python, and Queen + Adam Lambert, as well as permanent theaters in China.

US Navy Band gives Taylor Swift's music the sea shanty treatment [WATCH]

The US Navy Band makes it very clear to everyone listening to their cover of Taylor Swift: This sea shanty parody may VERY MUCH not be your jam...


The U.S. Navy Band jumped into the sea-shanty craze (who knew that was a thing)  this week -  by releasing a whaling version of Swift's “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” 




 In recent weeks, sea shanties have become all the rage on the video-sharing network TikTok - but the Navy band was quick to point out -  'We were very much into this music before it was cool' 


Weezer's Rivers Cuomo says Hella Mega Tour dates with Green Day and Fall Out Boy reschduled for 2021 are currently still going to happen

In 2020 we dealt with the lack of concerts ... in 2021 - with some encouragement from Dr. Anthony Fauci - we hope to be seeing live music at some point. 


Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo, is one of those believers - saying  that, as far as he knows, his band's rescheduled Hella Mega Tour dates  (with co headliners Green Day and Fall Out Boy) are still on right now .... including an August 8th date at DC's National Park



The tour is scheduled to trek across Europe and the US this summer and Rivers has told  NME  : 


?“My manager just told me yesterday that the U.S. promoter is still saying it’s gonna happen. That could change, but I’m not making any other plans for the summer.”


You can check out the full tour dates below - and enjoy the new Weezer track All My Favorite Songs in the meantime




The 2021 Hella Mega Tour dates are as follows:




9 Vienna, Austria – Ernst-Happel Stadion
20 Paris, France – La Defense Arena
21 Antwerp, Belgium – Sportpaleis
23 Groningen, The Netherlands – Stadspark
25 London, UK – Stadium
26 Huddersfield, UK – John Smith’s Stadium
28 Glasgow, UK – Bellahouston Park
30 Dublin, Ireland – venue TBA




14 Seattle, WA @ T?Mobile Park
17 Los Angeles, CA @ Dodger Stadium
18 San Diego, CA @ Petco Park
20 San Francisco, CA @ Oracle Park
24 Dallas, TX @ Globe Life Field
27 Atlanta, GA @ Truist Park
29 Houston, TX @ Minute Maid Park
31 Jacksonville, FL @ TIAA Bank Field




1 Miami, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium
4 New York, NY @ Citi Field
5 Boston, MA @ Fenway Park
8 Washington, DC @ Nationals Park
10 Detroit, MI @ Comerica Park
13 Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium
15 Chicago IL @ Wrigley Field
17 Toronto, ON @ Rogers Centre
19 Pittsburgh, PA @ PNC Park
20 Philadelphia, PA @ Citizens Bank Park
23 Minneapolis, MN @ Target Field
25 Commerce City, CO @ Dick’s Sporting Goods Park






Fran Lebowitz On Music: It's A Drug That Doesn't Kill You

If you haven't checked out the new Netflix series, Pretend It’s a City, you really should.  The seven episode docuseries, directed by Martin Scorsese - features American author, public speaker, and humorist  Fran Lebowitz weighing in on New York City tourists, money, subways, the arts, and the not-so-simple act of walking in Times Square.


But it was a segement in episode 2 that caught our eyes, minds, and hearts. Fran starts speaking about music and she really hits it on the head when describing music as a drug - just one that doesn't kill you:




In the segement - Fran says: 

I really think that musicians, probably musicians and cooks, are responsible for the most pleasure in human life. Motown music, which was very popular when I was a teenager—whenever I hear it, I instantly become happier. This is true of almost nothing! […] That’s a very important thing to do for human beings. Music makes people happier, and it doesn’t harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. It’s very unusual. It’s like a drug, that doesn’t kill you.





The Killers reunite with guitarist Dave Keuning in studio, tease new music from new album

We had to wait a little longer than we wanted to - but after a Covid delay - The Killers finally released their 6th studio album, Imploding The Mirage, in 2020.  And it was worth the wait we might add... 


Photo: Olivia Bee


Well- Brandon Flowers and company wasted no time in getting to work on their 7th album - and are back in the studio ... with an old friend - guitarist Dave Keuning, who left the band in 2017 for a solo career. 


The band pulled  the curtain back a bit via an Instagram post -  with band members donning masks inside a studio while a snippet of new music plays in the background (!!!).  




They also posted what appears to be a track list for the new record.... 




A post shared by The Killers (@thekillers)



Flowers opened up to NME about the record last year


“Every time someone makes a record they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record. We really are. 


We’re going to release another one in about 10 months. We’ve already gone back into the studio with [Jonathon, producer] Rado and Shawn [Everett, producer]. We did a week in Northern California.


I had a lot of time on my hands. Before I’d normally be gearing up to tour, all of that time has gone back into writing more songs. It’s been pretty fruitful.”


Speaking of tours - we are sill waiting on that DC show at the Capital One Arena to be rescheduled once tours are back! 


The live music industry has offered their venues, staff, and expertise to the COVID-19 vaccination effort in a letter to President Biden

What started as a meme - has now become an action plan put into motion ... The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) and the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) have partnered with  Live Nation, AEG, We Make Events, The Broadway League, National Independent Talent Organization to formally offer "their venues, staff, and expertise to the COVID-19 vaccination effort.”




It makes sense - these folks have the experience of setting up large scale events, crowd control - and are in desperate need for work! 


“The live event industry is in a unique position to help – the pandemic has fully shuttered operations, leaving venues empty and the furloughed crowd-management oriented staff who operate them eager to help out and get back to work,”




Dayna Frank, Board President of NIVA, said in a  press release:

“Since the pandemic shuttered our industry almost a year ago, our buildings and our co-workers have been paused, unutilized, and struggling ... These vaccines are our best chance at putting COVID-19 behind us, and our experiences organizing events and managing crowds now put us in the unique position of being the best prepared and most qualified industry to support the vaccination effort and get this country on the road to recovery.”


You can read the full letter sent to President Biden below:


JANUARY 26, 2021

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,


Congratulations to you and Vice President Harris on an inauguration signifying the unity and hope necessary to move America forward. As you set about achieving the ambitious goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in 100 days, we wish to offer the full support and resources of the live event industry. We share your vision of expedient, equitable, and widespread vaccine distribution. It is our duty, as businesses rooted in communities across the nation, to do our part to set America on a positive path during this time of crisis. We stand ready to work with Federal and State governments to save lives and get America back to work and school.


We represent businesses, workers and entertainers that make up the majority of the live event industry. While we have been effectively shuttered by the pandemic, we have vast resources that, if fully utilized, could provide invaluable mechanisms in our country’s vaccine distribution. In fact ?because? we are shuttered, we are able to offer the full weight of our industry to support vaccine distribution beginning immediately.


We are here to help. In fact, many venues are already working on the State and Local level to implement vaccine programs. Our industry has thousands of venues throughout America that are under mandated closures and sitting empty. Event venues make ideal community vaccination sites: they are located in most urban, suburban and rural communities, often near transit lines and with easy access to parking. Our interiors are clear span with bright work lights and empty standard refrigeration systems. Due to the nature of our business, our buildings and workforce are accustomed to patron queuing and crowd management.


Live events is one of the best prepared, best equipped, most experienced industries in America to manage and control large crowds in a rapid, organized fashion. Moving people in, out, and around a public gathering space swiftly and safely is the foundation of our industry. Additionally, our familiarity using ticketing systems for advanced notification, timed entry and crowd management can greatly improve patient experience before and during vaccination as well as on-site management. There are several thousand companies in the live event industry which own the equipment and infrastructure required to build vaccination sites. An estimated 95% of live events industry businesses and workers have lost nearly 100% of their revenue, and are ready and willing to get to work immediately. These organizations can design, deliver, and manage the infrastructure as well as the people needed to staff them.


We have been closed for nearly one full year to protect public health. Please let us now go to work to protect public health. We share your goal to get America back to work, school and in gathering places of all kinds quickly and safely. We are ready to meet to discuss how we can help as soon as you and your staff are able.



Bandit Lites
The Broadway League
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)
Live Nation
National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)
National Independent Talent Organization (NITO)
National Independent Venue Association (NIVA)
Oak View Group
Save Live Events Now
We Make Events


Norris Cochran, Acting Secretary, Health and Human Services
Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Acting Director, Centers for Disease Control
Nancy Messonnier, Director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease, Services Division
Bechara Choucair, White House Vaccinations Coordinator




Watch Jade Bird Perform her new song 'Headstart' on The Tonight Show

We've been following the career tragectory of Jade Bird for a few years now ... we hosted a showcase with her at Rams Head on Stage,  caught her when she was opening for Hozier on tour ... even had her in studio to perform a few songs



Well - her career has certainly blossomed - and we aren't the only ones in love with her new single 'Headstart'  


The 23 year old singer songwriter was gave an amazing perfomance of the track from her forthcoming follow-up album to her 2019 self-titled debut on the Tonight Show - check it out below 



Rostam Was So 'Deeply Moved' By Amanda Gorman's Inauguration Speech He Set To Music [LISTEN]

Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij was so "deeply moved" by Amanda Gorman's  inauguration day poem - "The Hill We Climb" -  that he deicided to set it to music.


He explained in a note accompanying the track that he was so inspired Gorman that he "went to my studio and improvised three piano takes while listening back to the speech." The second take, "Improvisation in G Minor," is the one he posted in its entirety, which you can hear below, features gentle piano sounds to Gorman's soaring rhetoric.


"The Hill We Climb" - Piano Improvisation in G Major



Amanda Gorman - a 22-year-old Harvard graduate, became the youngest poet to write and recite a piece at a presidential inauguration.  

ICYMI - Check out Black Pumas perform on Colbert and at Biden/Harris' inauguration celebration concert

This was a big week for the Austin based duo Black Pumas.  



First - they let us know they would be performing on the Colbert Show on Tuesday night ... then they announced that they would be performing at the Biden/Harris' inauguration celebration concert that was broadcast pretty much ...everywhere ... 


The band performances of Colors at both events didn't go unnoticed - the track jumped from #1424 to #4 on the US  iTunes Song Chart this week! 




Looks like the Puma Pack got a little bigger this week!  Check out both performances below - as well as their full set from our 2020 Full Moon Live Stream concert.  


Black Pumas - Colors (Biden Inauguration Performance)



Black Pumas - Colors (Colbert Performance) 



Full Moon Party featuring Black Pumas



Let's hope this momentum carries on to the Grammy's - where the band has been nominated for Record of the Year (“Colors”), Album of the Year (Black Pumas (Deluxe Edition)), and Best American Roots Performance (“Colors”).


Surprise - Weezer release 'All My Favorite Songs' - first single from their new album, OK Human, due out next week

Weezer fans have been waiting for the release of the hard rock album Van Weezer ... but the band surprised everyone this week announcing they have a totally different album being released next week ... anything goes these days, right?  




Weezer’s 14th studio album OK Human is due out on January 29, and you can hear the lead single All My Favorite Songs below:




The band reiterated - “P.S. Van Weezer is still coming out on May 7th.” 


 OK Human album art: 


OK Human track list:


1. All My Favorite Songs
2. Aloo Gobi
3. Grapes Of Wrath
4. Numbers
5. Playing My Piano
6. Mirror Image
7. Screens
8. Bird With A Broken Wing
9. Dead Roses
10. Everything Happens For A Reason
11. Here Comes The Rain
12. La Brea Tar Pits


Can You Feel the Love Buzz: Nirvana's 'Bleach' getting cassette reissue for Valentine's Day

Flowers?  Chocolates?  Diamonds?  Sure - those are all nice Valentine's Day gifts -but in 2021 - if you want to prove you are the queen of your love's heart - you'll give them the gift of plastic! 



This Valentine's Day, online cassette store Tapehead City is releasing an exclusive "Love Buzz Red' edition of Nirvana's 1989 debut album Bleach.



Bleach" was the debut album from Nirvana released on June 15, 1989, by Sub Pop records and Love Buzz was their first single. Kurt Cobain died 27 years ago at age 27. In homage of Kurt and this historic album we bring you Nirvana "Bleach" Love Buzz red edition for Valentine's Day (FEB 14 2021). Limited to 500 copies, exclusively available at Tapehead City!




Unfortunately - the initial run of 500 tapes is sold out - so you might have to loosen your purse strings on the secondary markets if you want to impress your Valentine :/ 

Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Justin Timberlake Among Artists Set to Play Televised Biden-Harris Inauguration Event

Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, John Legend Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, and Demi Lovato will perform on the nationally televised  “Celebrating America,” event for the inauguration of Joe Biden and his vice president–elect,  Kamala Harris, next Wednesday (January 20). 




 Biden and  Harris will also make remarks during the event featuring artists “that represent the rich diversity and extensive talent America offers"  as well as "the American heroes who are helping their fellow Americans through this crisis.”


“Celebrating America” will be hosted by Tom Hanks and air on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC and PBS, and be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Bing and other platforms including the PIC's YouTube and social media channels - next Wednesday from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. ET


Billie Eilish Set to Release New Photo Book and Companion Audio Book This May

Billie Eilish has announced plans to release a pair of books this spring -  a photo book and companion audio book. 


Billie Eilish performs at Washington DC's 9:30 Club, photo by Lisa Walker/Shots From the Dark 


The photo bookBillie Eilish - will contain “hundreds of never-before-seen photos” from throughout her childhood and career to date.


Billie Eilish performs at Washington DC's 9:30 Club, photo by Lisa Walker/Shots From the Dark 


The audio book will include “never-before-told stories and recollections from her personal life and career, from the early years to her breakout success,” according to a press release.




Both books will be released May 11  via Grand Central Publishing in the United States and Wren & Rook in the United Kingdom.  You can pre-order them HERE


Hear Foo Fighters' new track 'Waiting On A War' and read Dave's powerful message about the song [LISTEN]

It's Dave Grohl’s 52nd birthday - but we are the ones getting the gifts - in the form of  another new Foo Fighters song called Waiting On A War - from their forthcoming album Medicine At Midnight


Grohl detailed the powerful and emotional story behind the track in a statement: 


As a child growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC, I was always afraid of war. I had nightmares of missiles in the sky and soldiers in my backyard, most likely brought upon by the political tension of the early 1980’s and my proximity to the Nation’s Capitol. My youth was spent under the dark cloud of a hopeless future.

Last fall, as I was driving my 11 year old daughter to school, she turned to me and asked, “Daddy, is there going to be a war?” My heart sank in my chest as I looked into her innocent eyes, because I realized that she was now living under that same dark cloud of a hopeless future that I had felt 40 years ago.

I wrote “Waiting On a War” that day.

Everyday waiting for the sky to fall. Is there more to this than that? Is there more to this than just waiting on a war? Because I need more. We all do.

This song was written for my daughter, Harper, who deserves a future, just as every child does.



Foo Fighters - Waiting On A War (Audio)


Dave revealed to Kerrang  that after writing Waiting On A War, the band’s reaction was, ‘Oh my god, this is one of the best songs we’ve ever written!’ 


Medicine at Midnight, arrives on February 5.

Dave Grohl Talks Nirvana - Says He Still Dreams About Being In a Band with Kurt, Krist and Pat

After moving on from a band - many musicians will continue to play songs from their back catalog during live show - not Dave Grohl.  



Speaking in a new interview - the Foo Fighter frontman explained why he won't play Nirvana songs with his new band


In a new interview with Classic Rock magazine - Dave explained: 


“I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing a song that Kurt sang ... I feel perfectly at home playing those songs on the drums. And I love playing them with Krist and Pat and another vocalist.”


There have been several Nirvana 'reunions' - with guest filling in for the late Kurt Cobain - including most recently at 2018's SoCal Jam with Joan Jett and Deer Tick’s John McCauley for a six song set



Dave went on to say 

“I still have dreams that we’re in Nirvana, that we’re still a band... I still dream there’s an empty arena waiting for us to play. But I don’t sit down at home and run through ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by myself. It’s just a reminder that the person who is responsible for those beautiful songs is no longer with us. It’s bittersweet.”


Foo Fighters will release their  10th studio album ‘Medicine At Midnight’  on February 5, 2021 -  the band had originally intended to release it in 2020 to mark their 25th anniversary - but it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Concerts Could Return by Fall 2021

Concerts ... we miss them.  But with the roll out of COVID vaccinations - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to think that there is a chance we could be seeing live music again in 2021.  


According to the  New York Times , while speaking at a conference held by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals,  Dr. Fauci said that he thought theaters and music venues could reopen "some time in the fall of 2021."



Of course - that's just an optimistic guess  ... and depends on how the vaccine distribution goes and if it does create 'herd immunity' of about 75-85%


He also told the group - "If everything goes right, this is will occur some time in the fall of 2021, so that by the time we get to the early to mid-fall, you can have people feeling safe performing onstage as well as people in the audience"



Venues would need to have  proper ventilation and air filtration systems set up and audience members would still need to don a mask - but Fauci thinks  "venues could be back to almost full capacity of seating"


It seems that concert promoters and band are acting on the side of pessimism - with venues like Red Rocks in Colorado unveiling their 2021 lineup and festivals like Bonnaroo announcing their dates (Sept 2-5), and others like Firefly and Lollapalooza reportedly finalizing their lineups 



But it is on us to make this happen!  Stay safe,  wash your hands,  get your vaccine, and wear your damn mask



Preview Jack White's upcoming live album of his 'rip-roaring' / 38 song show at Detroit's Masonic Temple

Third Man Vault subscription series has put out some pretty cool exclusive releases over the years - but release 47 has us really excited.  


‘Jack White: Live At The Masonic Temple’ - is an epic album of his July 30, 2014 hometown show.  The 38 song set includes White's solo material, songs from The White Stripes, the Dead Weather and the Raconteurs, plus covers of Beck, Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams and Junior Wells. (see full set list below). 



The release also comes with a bonus 7" single containing White's 2020 Saturday Night Live performance. 



Jack White: Live At The Masonic Temple’ will be available on four 180-gram colored vinyl LPs, with a slipcase cover with custom printed photo inner sleeves and will include shots from the night by official tour photographer David Swanson


‘Jack White: Live At The Masonic Temple’ tracklisting:


01. ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’
02. ‘Astro’
03. ‘The Big Three Killed My Baby’
04. ‘High Ball Stepper’
05. ‘Lazaretto’
06. ‘Missing Pieces’
07. ‘Just One Drink’
08. ‘Hotel Yorba’
09. ‘You Know That I Know’
10. ‘Love Interruption’
11. ‘Weep Themselves to Sleep’
12. ‘I Cut Like a Buffalo’
13. ‘Cannon’
14. ‘Hoodoo Man’ (Junior Wells cover)
15. ‘Icky Thump’
16. ‘Screwdriver’
17. ‘Ramblin’ Man’ (Hank Williams cover)
18. ‘Apple Blossom’
19. ‘Three Women’
20. ‘The Same Boy You’ve Always Known’
21. ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’
22. ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’
23. ‘Entitlement’
24. ‘Alone in My Home’
25. ‘Steady, As She Goes’
26. ‘Ball and Biscuit’
27. ‘The Lemon Song’ (Led Zeppelin cover)
28. ‘The Hardest Button to Button’
29. ‘Sixteen Saltines’
30. ‘Devils Haircut’ (Beck cover)
31. ‘Hypocritical Kiss’
32. ‘That Black Bat Licorice’
33. ‘Would You Fight For My Love?’
34. ‘Blue Blood Blues’
35. ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)’
36. ‘My Doorbell’
37. ‘I Fought Piranhas’
38. ‘Seven Nation Army’


‘Saturday Night Live’ 7″ single:


‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ / ‘Ball and Biscuit’
‘Jesus is Coming Soon’ (Blind Willie Johnson) / ‘Lazaretto’


You can preview the album HERE with a clip from Missing Peices 


1960s meets 2020s - Lana Del Rey gets vintage '60s with some pandemic flare in video for new song 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club'

Lana Del Rey had a busy weekend - revealing the album art and release date for Chemtrails Over the Country Club, her follow up to 2019's Norman F--king Rockwell.  The record, which she describes as "folky, it's beautiful, it's super different from Norman [F---ing Rockwell]" will be out March 19 



She also has shared a the video for the album's title cut -  “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”  Check out the vintage '60s meets 2020's pandemic style video below 


Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club  


 Chemtrails Over the Country Club Track List:


1. "White Dress"
2. "Chemtrails Over the Country Club"
3. "Tulsa Jesus Freak"
4. "Let Me Love You Like a Woman"
5. "Wild at Heart"
6. "Dark But Just a Game"
7. "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"
8. "Yosemite"
9. "Breaking Up Slowly"
10. "Dance Till We Die"
11. "For Free"

Watch Maggie Rogers surprise a fan on TikTok by providing the harmonies to her own 'New Song'

Maggie Rogers released a new song last month ... called - "New Song" ...  the track - which you can hear below - is a duet with Del Water Gap that was written and recorded in 2013 - but not fully produced until now. 


Maggie Rogers - New Song  


Maggie Rogers fan and TikTok user Emma Ogier (@immaoger) – was looking for a fellow TikTokker to add vocals to her cover of the track - and apparently Maggie saw the post and decided to help Emma out! 


Watch the story unfold below in three parts  : 


Emma's original post: 



New Song- @maggierogers and @delwatergap two of my biggest inspirations!! Please #duet #maggierogers #delwatergap #music #fyp so much love <3

? original sound - Emma Ogier


Maggie's response: 



#duet with @immaoger hey emma :) i’m not @delwatergap but i know his part ????

? original sound - Emma Ogier


And Del Water Gap even joined in: 




#duet with @maggierogers ????

? original sound - Emma Ogier

 New Song comes from Maggie Rogers 16-track retrospective Notes From The Archive: Recordings 2011-2016 -  that includes six never-before-heard tracks - that was released in December 

ICYMI: The Black Keys have released a pair of previously unheard tracks from the 'Brothers' 10th anniversary reissue to the internet [Listen]

Late last year - The Black Keys announced they would celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Grammy-winning sixth studio album - Brothers - with an expanded reissue that includes three added bonus songs: “Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth,” “Black Mud Part II,” and “Chop and Change” that were not on the original release 



The Deluxe Limited Edition 7” Box Set, 2-Lp Set, Or CD Box Set is out NOW (get it HERE) 



Brothers was filled with some of our favorite songs by The Black Keys - including Howlin For You, Ten Cent Pistol, and Tighten Up ( which spent ten weeks at number one on the Alternative Songs chart in 2010) 


But there were some songs that didn't make the final cut for the album- "Chop and Change" - which appeared on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, and “Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth,” “Black Mud Part II,” - that were never released ... 


And now -  thanks to the internet - you can stream the two unleashed tracks: 

The Black Keys "Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth" Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition [Official Audio]



The Black Keys "Black Mud Part II" Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition [Official Audio]



Here is the track listing and breakdown for the reissue  - which you can purchase HERE 



Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) Track Listing:
1. Everlasting Light
2. Next Girl
3. Tighten Up
4. Howlin’ for You
5. She’s Long Gone
6. Black Mud
7. The Only One
8. Too Afraid to Love You
9. Ten Cent Pistol
10. Sinister Kid
11. The Go Getter
12. I’m Not the One
13. Unknown Brother
14. Never Give You Up
15. These Days
16. Chop and Change *
17. Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth **
18. Black Mud Part II ***

*Previously released on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
**Previously unreleased
***Previously unreleased


Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) 7” Box Set
?          Limited edition – only 7500 copies available worldwide
?          Nine 7” singles
?          New liner notes written by David Fricke
?          Three bonus songs
?          60-page book of photos from the archives
?          Limited edition poster
?          Special heat-sensitive ink on cover


Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) 2-LP Set
?          140 gram vinyl
?          12” vinyl tip-on gatefold double-pocket album jacket
?          New liner notes written by David Fricke
?          Three bonus songs
?          Insert with photos


Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) CD
?          Single CD
?          Booklet with new liner notes written by David Fricke and photos from the archive
?          Three bonus songs

Listen to Newly Unearthed Recordings of David Bowie Covering Bob Dylan and John Lennon

On what would have been his 74th birthday (Jan. 8), Rhino Records released (and sold out of) a limited edition 7-inch single featuring two previously unheard studio covers by David Bowie



If you missed out on ordering the vinyl (they only pressed 8,147) - you can stream Bowie's interpretations of Bob Dylan’s “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” and John Lennon’s “Mother” below.  In regards to the Lennon cover -it apparently was a part of an entire tribute album to the Beatle, which Bowie never completed.  


Tryin' To Get To Heaven






Both tracks were recorded in 1998 and somehow have never been heard ... until now.  







Kings Of Leon reveal details and two tracks from forthcoming 8th album - 'When You See Yourself'

Kings of Leon  are back with new music for 2021.  The band announced they will release their eighth studio album (and first album in four years) When You See Yourself on March 5, 2021, via RCA Records. (pre order here) 



The announcement comes with the release of two tracks from the album - “The Bandit” and “100,000 People” - which you can stream below.  



The band also revealed a new line of merch for the release - that includes the limited edition KOL x CrewNation T-shirt.  All proceeds from the shirts sales will go to the CrewNation charity - helping out of work roadies and concert venue workers (order HERE)


Kings Of Leon - The Bandit (Official Video)


Kings Of Leon - 100,000 People (Audio)



When You See Yourself – Tracklist

  1.  When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away
  2. The Bandit 
  3. 100,000 People
  4. Stormy Weather 
  5.  A Wave 
  6. Golden Restless Age
  7.  Time in Disguise 
  8.  Supermarket 
  9.  Claire and Eddie
  10. Echoing
  11. Fairytale


Hope and Optimism - Red Rocks Amphitheatre Shares 2021 Concert Schedule - Including Nathaniel Rateliff, Brandi Carlile, Citizen Cope, Black Pumas and more

The 2020 summer concert series was gearing up to be an epic one ... but it never was to be.


As we enter 2021 - we've seen lineups for festivals announced, European tours announced, and now - Colorado’s beloved Red Rocks Amphitheatre has revealed its schedule of shows for April through September 2021 - with a bunch of show's we'd love to see - like Lord Huron with Black Pumas, Brandi Carlile, Michael Franti, Nathaniel Rateliff, Kaleo with Matt Maeson and Belle Mt, The Avett Borthers,  Citizen Cope and more! (see the full schedule below)  



Some of the shows are rescheduled from 2020 and some are new - but it certainly is a promising sign that bands are getting their tour schedules together with hopes of being able to play shows this summer! 


The venue recently said in a statement: 

“As we transition into 2021, we’re hopeful for the road ahead ...We are looking forward to live music. And lights. And energy. And most of all — you: artists, friends and fans.”


If you've never been to the iconic venue - 2021 might be the year to make the pilgrimage! 



Red Rocks 2021 Schedule

April 16 – Ganja White Night (rescheduled from 4/17)


April 17 – Ganja White Night (rescheduled from 4/18)


April 18 – Ganja White Night (rescheduled from 4/19)


April 23 – Galantis and 3Lau with Mat Zo, KLO


April 30 – Trevor Hall/Citizen Cope with Rising Appalachia


May 6 – Hippie Sabotage with Two Feet, Sebastian Paul


May 7 – Brantley Gilbert with Chase Rice, Brandon Lay


May 8 – Brantley Gilbert with Chase Rice, Brandon Lay


May 9 – Die Antwoord 2021


May 11 – Russ with Benny The Butcher, Bia, and Rugus


May 15 – Global Dub Festival, Liquid Stranger, Subtronics, and special guest Herobust


May 30 – Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Ben Harper, The Innocent Criminals


June 2 – Lord Huron with Black Pumas


June 3 – Lord Huron with Black Pumas


June 4 – Joe Russo’s Almost Dead


June 5 – Michael Franti & Spearhead with Galactic featuring Anjelika


June 6 – Stick Figure with very special guests


June 10 – Brit Floyd


June 11 – The Revivalists with Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Neal Francis


June 12 – Big Head Todd and The Monsters with Violent Femmes


June 15 – Glass Animals with Denzel Curry


June 16 – Glass Animals with Denzel Curry


June 17 – An Evening With Chicago and Their Greatest Hits


June 22 – Barenaked Ladies with Gin Blossoms, Toad the Wet Sprocket


June 23 – Andrew Bird and Calexico and Iron & Wine


July 1 – Dirty Heads with G. Love & Special Sauce


July 2 – Zeds Dead


July 3 – Zeds Dead


July 7 – Lindsey Stirling with Kiesza, MAKO


July 9 – The Avett Brothers with G. Love & Special Sauce


July 10 – The Avett Brothers with Rachael & Vilray


July 11 – The Avett Brothers with Mark Lenagan


July 12 – Rainbow Kitten Surprise with Mt. Joy


July 13 – Rainbow Kitten Surprise with Mt. Joy


July 15 – Trampled by Turtles / Caamp


July 19 – Kaleo with Matt Maeson and Belle Mt.


July 21 – Foreigner


July 22 – David Gray


July 23 – STS9 with Shpongle, MIZE


July 24 – STS9 with Tycho DJ Set, Chrome Sparks


July 25 – Colorado Symphony & Chorus Perform: Beethoven 9


July 26 – Halsey with blackbear and PVRIS


July 27 – Halsey with blackbear and PVRIS


July 28 – Goo Goo Dolls with Lifehouse, Forest Black


July 30 – Tedeschi Trucks Band with St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Gabe Dixon


July 31 – Tedeschi Trucks Band with St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Gabe Dixon


Aug. 1 – Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit with Lucinda Williams


Aug. 5 – Dermot Kennedy: Without Fear Tour with Bishop Briggs, Mallrat


Aug. 8 – Joe Bonamassa


Aug. 9 – Joe Bonamassa


Aug. 10 – Wilco & Sleater-Kinney (rescheduled from 2020)


Aug. 11 – Rufus Du Sol


Aug. 12 – Rufus Du Sol


Aug. 14 – Slightly Stoopid with Pepper, Common Kings, Don Carlos


Aug. 15 – Slightly Stoopid with Citizen Cope, Fortunate Youth, The Hip Abduction


Aug. 19 – “1964” The Tribute


Aug. 26 – Big Wild with Bob Moses (Club Set), Crooked Colours, Mild Minds


Aug. 21 – Reggae on the Rocks with Rebelution, Steel Pulse, Inner Circle, The Green, Israel Vibration, Keznamdi, Judge Roughneck, DJ Mackle


Aug. 22 – Reggae on the Rocks with Rebelution, Steel Pulse, Third World, The Green,

Mykal Rose, Keznamdi, Judge Roughneck, DJ Mackle


Aug. 23 – A Special Evening of Music with Nathaniel Rateliff


Aug. 24 – A Special Evening of Music with Nathaniel Rateliff


Aug. 26 – Louis The Child


Aug. 27 – Louis The Child


Aug. 29 – The Black Crowes


Aug. 30 – The Black Crowes


Sept. 2 – Rezz with Rusko Lucii, Champagne Dip, Meso, sfam


Sept. 3 – Rezz with Lo, Golden Features, Ivy Lab, X&G, Sara Landry


Sept. 5 – Kidz Bop World Tour 2021


Sept. 6 – Maren Morris with James Arthur


Sept. 7 – Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band


Sept. 9 – Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band


Sept. 11 – Brandi Carlile with The Colorado Symphony, Tanya Tucker


Sept. 12 – Brandi Carlile with The Colorado Symphony, Tanya Tucker


Sept. 15 – Alison Wonderland


Sept. 17 – Greensky Bluegrass with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real


Sept. 18 – Greensky Bluegrass with Circles Around the Sun


Sept. 19 – Greensky Bluegrass with Railroad Earth


Sept. 23 – Get The Led Out


Sept. 24 – Rowdytown IX: Gigantic Nghtmre with GoldFish, Covex


Sept. 25 – Rowdytown IX: Gigantic Nghtmre with Peekaboo, slenderbodies, Dreamers



Sept. 26 – Lake Street Drive with special guests the Wood Brothers


Sept. 27 – Lynyrd Skynyrd


Oct. 3 – Mandolin Orange with The Tallest Man on Earth, Bonny Light Horseman


Oct. 5 – Heilung


Oct. 10 – Opiuo and Clozee with LSDREAM, Of The Trees, K+L


Oct. 11 – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with Leah Senior


Oct. 12 – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with Leah Senior

Sneak Peak - Watch Foo Fighters Performance of 'My Hero' taken from the Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits Special

The second half of Austin City Limits46th season rolls on this weekend with Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits  



The special serves a silver anniversary celebration of the Foos and features performances from Dave and crew's 2008 and 2014 ACL appearances (you can see the full set list below) 


On performing for ACL - Dave Grohl had this to say


“I’m sure I can speak for every musician when I say that being asked to come play Austin City Limits is practically like getting a medal.  As a musician it’s something to aspire to and if you actually achieve that then you wear it like a badge.”


ACL has given us a teaser for this weekend's show - with a clip of the band performing 'My Hero'



If you want to catch the full episode here in Maryland - set the alarm or DVR - MPT is airing the special at 5am on Sunday morning 


Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits setlist:

All My Life (2008)

My Hero (2008)

Everlong (2008)

Monkey Wrench (2008)

The Pretender (2008)

Times Like These (2014)

Rope (2014)

Walk (2014)

Best of You (2014)



Grace Potter,Brandi Carlile, Billie Eilish and More Donate Customized Coolers to Auction Benefitting Out Of Work Tour Crews

If you are reading this - there's a good chance you miss going to concerts and seeing your favorite (or next favorite) musicians perform live.  And as we've seen over the past 9 months - the artists miss performing as well .... but you know who really misses the concerts - are the roadies and venue staff who depend on these concerts to make a living.  


Early on in the pandemic - concert promoter started Crew Nation - to help raise money for these out of work individuals.  Like similar charities, they have come up with creative fundraisers for these causes (have you seen the IMP custom concert posters?!


Another creative fundraiser was 'One for the Roadies'  - where  YETI sent artists a Roadie® Cooler to personally customize for their fans that were auctioned off with the proceeds going to Crew Nation. 


Well - the first fundraiser was so successful - they're back for round two - with One For the Roadies Encore Edition 



Through January 12 - you can bid on customized coolers by some amazing musicians (and apparently artists) like Beastie Boys, Wilco, Phoebe Bridgers, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Brittany Howard, Brandi Carlile,  Billie Eilish, Natanthiel Rateliff and more! 



Yeti will make its own donation matching all proceeds up to $100,000!!!


So if owning a cooler customized by one of your favorite artists - and knowing it is helping out of work roadies sounds like something you'd like to start your 2021 with -  head over to the One For The Roadies (Part 2) site  ... and happy bidding! 



Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM) Launches its New COVID-19 Relief Fund to Aid Musicians During the Pandemic

After providing over $100,000 in assistance to local musicians who had lost gigs due to the Spring 2020 shutdown - local nonprofit Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians, Inc. (AMFM) has launched a new initiative to assist musicians whose livelihoods have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.



The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is to provide a significant, one-time benefit to qualifying musicians who have suffered financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


More information, including eligibility requirements, are posted on the AMFM website. The application will be posted on January 10, 2021, and the deadline for applying for benefits is 11:59 PM on January 31, 2021.



AMFM also plans to continue its youth scholarship and award programs in 2021. Because the organization’s overhead is extremely low, over 94 percent of donations received go directly to musicians



AMFM’s goal is to reciprocate the efforts shown by the hardworking musicians of Annapolis -  who are continuously giving back to our community  - by ensuring the musicians who work and perform in the Annapolis area can continue to maintain a quality of life during unexpected hardship that will keep them financially viable and the music in the city of Annapolis thriving.


Its no wonder AMGM was named nonprofit of the year by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County !!! Thank you AMFM and all who have suppored them over the past 14 years! 




Foo Fighters, Spoon, The War and Treaty and more to appear this month on Austin City Limits Season 46

The second half of Austin City Limits' 46th season kicks off this month with a stellar lineup that includes a mix of new performances (taped during the pandemic without an audience) and installments featuring highlights from ACL favorites  ..  



Season 46 Broadcast Schedule:


January 9 Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits

January 16 The War And Treaty | Ruthie Foster

January 23 Ray Wylie Hubbard

January 30 The Best of Spoon

February 6 Texas Icons: Jerry Jeff Walker & Billy Joe Shaver

February 13 Allen Toussaint: New Orleans Legend



Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits is a silver anniversary celebration of the rock superstars, featuring a performances from Dave and crew's 2008 and 2014 ACL appearances .


The Best of Spoon, offering a retrospective look at the Austin based band’s career - with highlights from their four appearances - dating back to their debut on the series in 2003


Americana Music Awards 2019 Emerging Act of the  Year  husband-and-wife duo The War And Treaty,  deliver a show-stopping ACL debut as well 


ACL executive producer Terry Lickona comments: 

“In a year like no other, we’re proud that we were able to capture seven brand-new performances for our 46th season ... As always, they include a mix that’s eclectic, electric and even a touch eccentric. On top of that, we were able to pull some gems out of the ACL goldmine to celebrate some highlights from the past, and honor those who helped to create the ACL legacy.”


Be sure to visit for news regarding live streams, future tapings and episode schedules 


'St. Monica Alvarado' of Feed Anne Arundel awarded the inaugural Annapolis Person of the Year award

Monica Alvarado may not be officially recognized by the church as a saint ... but to many in Anne Arundel County she is. 


The Eastport restaurateur was awarded the first ever Annapolis Person of the Year award last week for her amazing philanthropic work during the pandemic.  Last spring, when the community and the restaurant business  were suffering  Alvarado decided to step up and start an organization that would help both. 




She began Feed Anne Arundel, a charitable organization who's goal was to keep  restaurants in business (and in turn -  their workers employed)  by paying them to make hot meals for families in need.  The idea was that community members would make donations to the organization - that would in turn invest the donations back to the community - giving them to local restaurants who would use the money to prepare hot meals to be served to those in need   


The results were astonishing -  Feed Anne Arundel was able to have over 100 restaurants involved in the project  and provide more than 120,000 meals since starting (and they are still going!).  


Upon receiving the award Alvarado - 

“When I am not actively helping or doing something to fix the problems that we’re facing, then I kind of feel lost,..So for me, it’s given me a drive and a direction. Fighting back tears, she said, “2020 sucked, but good God did it also really rock.”





You can donate to Feed Anne Arundel HERE