Rob Timm

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Mike Ondayko

If Mike Ondayko isn’t spending time with his labradoodle named Beau, you may find him helping his youngest daughter, Anna, with spelling and math homework or watching something on the NHL Network or the History Channel.

Mike, Anna, and his significant other (Mary Jane) have called Anne Arundel County home for over 10 years.

Jamie, his oldest daughter, attends Wheaton College outside of Boston.

Mike has been awarded 'Best of Baltimore' by Baltimore Magazine and the former Baltimore City Paper as well as four nominations for
national rock radio personality of the year.

He’s been with WRNR since 2015 and loves the station because of its musical diversity.

According to Mike- “You can only play 'Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the air so many times before you start wishing you were the man that Freddie Mercury killed”.

His musical palate includes Elvis Costello, The Jam, Ramones, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, The Rolling Stones, Mumford and Sons, Pearl Jam and Green Day (and just about everything else that ‘RNR plays).

Mike’s day as a stay-at home dad gets pleasantly interrupted daily from 10 til 2. That’d when you can find Mike letting down what little hair
he has left and playing “radio” at WRNR.
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Bob Waugh




Just hanging out with U2

Who's your IDOL?


Backstage with The Racontuers


Bob n Beck 



Maggie Rogers after her RNR Session

Backstage at LP's Private Artist Showcase

Interviewing Band of Horses at the 930 Club

Backstage with Willie Nile

Hanging out with Joseph

Backstage with Dawes

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Dave Ziemer

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This is Phil breaking the hand of actor Terry Crews!

Join Phil very Saturday from 8-10p with Stupid and Contagious -  a two hour proverbial trip down memory lane celebrating the music and culture from the most influential decade in modern music ... the 1990's.  

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Michael Buckley

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James Osterberg Jr.

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Little Steven

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