RNR News and Notes Archives for 2015-07

New From Josh Ritter...

"Getting Ready to Get Down" by Josh Ritter, from the forthcoming album Sermon on the Rocks, will be out October 16th!  Click through to view and hear this outstanding new tune.



In Josh's own words-


"I made it in New Orleans earlier this year.


I wanted the wind off the Gulf. I wanted the air that touches the skin. I wanted the paint that sticks to the back of the eyeball. I wanted the scream of nutrias. I wanted a house full of music and laughter. I wanted to make something grand. I wanted it to swing hard. I wanted to peek through death’s keyhole. I wanted my monster to run. I wanted to sing songs that I had written in stretches of frenzy. I wanted to fall in love with every note. I wanted to hold each one and let it slip away like ribbon through the hands. I wanted to make something important to me and to no one else. I wanted it like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. I wanted it because life is short and I wouldn’t want to leave it without giving it all of my love."


Josh is scheduled to play in Easton, MD  at the Avalon and in DC at the Lincoln Theatre with both shows in October to support his new album's release.  For more info- check out Josh's website.

Weezer In a World of Dating Apps

Weezer's new video takes a humorous look at the world of dating apps.


The clip for "Go Away" has frontman Rivers Cuomo using the "Winder" app to set up dates with his duet partner on the song, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. 


Ryan Adams Pays Tribute to Dave Grohl

Ryan Adams paid tribute to Dave Grohl at a solo show in Australia Tuesday.


Adams told the audience at the Sydney Opera House that he appreciated the fact that Grohl kept the Foo Fighters on the road even after his surgery for a broken leg and that he was "able to continue doing what he loved even though he was totally broken." Adams then played a very tender version of "Times Like These."


Conan had Jack Black, Boy George and Robbie Krieger Monday night.

Jack Black and Boy George rocked out with the spirit of Jim Morrison Monday night on Conan with this memorable performance of "Hello, I Love You"...




Discussing his music influences on the TBS late-night show, George said he'd "never gotten past the '70s -- The Stones, The Beatles, The Doors, [David] Bowie." Conan seemed surprised that the Jim Morrison-fronted band was on his list. But before George had the chance to reply, Jack jumped into the conversation, claiming, "Jim Morrison had the best yell!"


That led to an offer for Jack and George to sing a Doors song. And conveniently enough, Doors guitarist Robby Krieger just happened to be with Jimmy Vivino's band.

"Amy' Documentary In Wide Release

Amy, the acclaimed documentary about the late Amy Winehouse, will open on 200 more screens today (Friday). The film opened in New York and L.A. last week.


Onetime Winehouse manager Nick Shymansky, who initially didn't want to be involved but ended up as the most prominent storyteller in the film, tells us he felt a combination of anger and relief watching Amy.


Anger over having to witness -- for a second time -- the singer's descent into drug and alcohol addiction, but relief because he "was so worried that it was going to be some whitewashed easy film for people to watch, which wouldn't be at all true to how I felt the story should come out were it to be told truthfully."


Another person interviewed for the movie is Salaam Remi, the main producer Winehouse worked with on her music. We spoke to him him shortly before her death and here's what he had to say about Amy as a musician.


U2's Newest Video

U2 will unveil a new video tonight (Thursday), but it is not your typical rock music video.


Listen to The Edge tell us about the clip for "Song for Someone," from Songs of Innocence...



The film stars Woody Harrelson, who is released from prison after years of incarceration, along with his daughter, Zoe Harrelson. It will premiere tonight (Thursday) following the third season premiere of the series Rectify on The Sundance Channel. The show is about a man and his family after his release from 19 years on death row.


Harrelson's father was arrested in 1979 for killing a federal judge in San Antonio and was sentenced to life in prison, where he died in 2007.

Ringo Starr on Turning 75

Ringo Starr was asked prior to his "Peace and Love" birthday celebration what it means to him to be 75 years old.



He presided over another "Peace and Love" birthday countdown in front of the Capitol Records tower in L.A. on Tuesday and this one was made extra special because it was his 75th.


The crowd was larger than at previous celebrations. Ringo told the few hundred assembled fans, "The first one we did here there were about ten people and now look at you." Ringo was joined by wife Barbara Bach, brother-in-law Joe Walsh, comedian Richard Lewis, director David Lynch and a large contingent of musicians, including Edgar Winter, Matt Sorum, Jim Keltner, Gregg Bissonette and Glen Ballard.