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"Amy' Documentary In Wide Release

Amy, the acclaimed documentary about the late Amy Winehouse, will open on 200 more screens today (Friday). The film opened in New York and L.A. last week.


Onetime Winehouse manager Nick Shymansky, who initially didn't want to be involved but ended up as the most prominent storyteller in the film, tells us he felt a combination of anger and relief watching Amy.


Anger over having to witness -- for a second time -- the singer's descent into drug and alcohol addiction, but relief because he "was so worried that it was going to be some whitewashed easy film for people to watch, which wouldn't be at all true to how I felt the story should come out were it to be told truthfully."


Another person interviewed for the movie is Salaam Remi, the main producer Winehouse worked with on her music. We spoke to him him shortly before her death and here's what he had to say about Amy as a musician.