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New From Josh Ritter...

"Getting Ready to Get Down" by Josh Ritter, from the forthcoming album Sermon on the Rocks, will be out October 16th!  Click through to view and hear this outstanding new tune.



In Josh's own words-


"I made it in New Orleans earlier this year.


I wanted the wind off the Gulf. I wanted the air that touches the skin. I wanted the paint that sticks to the back of the eyeball. I wanted the scream of nutrias. I wanted a house full of music and laughter. I wanted to make something grand. I wanted it to swing hard. I wanted to peek through death’s keyhole. I wanted my monster to run. I wanted to sing songs that I had written in stretches of frenzy. I wanted to fall in love with every note. I wanted to hold each one and let it slip away like ribbon through the hands. I wanted to make something important to me and to no one else. I wanted it like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. I wanted it because life is short and I wouldn’t want to leave it without giving it all of my love."


Josh is scheduled to play in Easton, MD  at the Avalon and in DC at the Lincoln Theatre with both shows in October to support his new album's release.  For more info- check out Josh's website.