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Organizers have cancelled Lockn' Music Festival 2020 edition due to Coronavirus Crisis; Announce 2021 dates

One of the last US music festivals planned for 2020 has cancelled ... the Lockn' Music Festival - originally scheduled for June - hoped to have protocols in place to be able to host the 3 day festival safely in October.  


But the Coronavirus pandemic proved too much - and organizers have announced there will be no 2020 edition - and the festival will return to Infinity Downs & Oak Ridge Farm October 1-3, 2021. 



It's not ALL bad news ... the festival is jumping on the live stream business - and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead will deliver three livestream performances from the LOCKN’ site October 2 – 4.


The official announcement from organizers: 


Our hearts were hopeful these past months as we have put our experience and resources into a plan to safely produce LOCKN’ 2020. Despite the efforts of our team, it’s become clear it won’t be viable to safely and responsibly gather at LOCKN’ in 2020. So, we must announce that we have decided to shift our focus to 2021. We are disappointed to miss all of your beautiful faces and the uplifting vibe on Infinity Downs Farm, but the health and safety of our artists, staff, fans, vendors, and the surrounding community must come first. Accordingly, LOCKN’ will take place October 1 – 3, 2021 with a special Steal Your Thursday on September 30.


If you are a LOCKN’ 2020 ticket holder, you have the opportunity to obtain a full refund of your tickets and camping accommodations. If you’d like to roll over your tickets to 2021, we’re excited to offer you some added perks. More information on the lineup will be announced at a later date — we’re already working on it!


Feeling homesick for LOCKN’ today? Don’t worry… We have a big surprise for you! Joe Russo’s Almost Dead will stream three crowdless performances from the LOCKN’ site, October 2 – 4, 2020. This is a chance to build something special for the community, and we are excited to have a band that is steeped in LOCKN’ history create it with us. LOCKN’ 2020 purchasers transferring their ticket order to LOCKN’ 2021 will receive one free access voucher to all three crowdless performances from LOCKN’ by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead on October 2-4. Additional details of the livestream event will be unveiled soon


The announcement was accompanied by a video message from festival organizer: 




Hear The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont Remix of The Rolling Stones' New/Old Song 'Scarlet'

Last month - The Rolling Stones revealed a new/ old song - Scarlet.  The song was recorded in 1974 with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and will be included on their upcoming deluxe reissue of Goats Head Soup. 



Since then - the track has been getting a lot of reworking by contemporary artists.  First - The War on Drugs put their spin on the track and now the the Killers have teamed up with electronic artist Jacques Lu Cont for a funked up remix of the jam.    



You can hear all three versions below: 


Scarlet (The Killers & Jacques Lu Cont Remix)


The Rolling Stones — Scarlet feat. Jimmy Page [The War On Drugs Remix]


The Rolling Stones | Scarlet (Goats Head Soup 2020) | Lyric video



St Paul & The Broken Bones will debut new music at their livestream show from an empty Brooklyn Bowl Nashville,

The last time we saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones - they were playing a sold out show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore ... 



The next opportunity we'll have to see them will be this Friday (Aug. 28) from crowdless show at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville.  The show will be broadcast live on .  The show has a 'pay what you want' ticket price - with a $10 min. 



To create a little more excitement for the show - the band has said that they are hoping to debut some new music from the show .  They revealed the news  via a social media post that included the hashtag #QuarantineLoveSong.





Hear Portugal. The Man's Cover of The Annie classic 'Tomorrow' from Comp Benefiting Save the Children

Portugal. The Man have revelaed their cover of the classic musical number from Annie - “Tomorrow”.  The song will appear on a compilation album to benefit Save the Children, called At Home with the Kids (out this Friday).  


According to PTM's John Gourley: 

“We were approached to do a children’s song and without hesitation Zoe and I both immediately gravitated to ‘Tomorrow.  Though we have dramatically different upbringings, me in rural Alaska and Zoe from Northwest England, ‘Annie’ was a staple growing up and a big part of why we love music, it was something we both watched and sang with our families.  Now, we get to raise our daughter with the same tradition of singing ‘Tomorrow.’"


Hear the track below and you can pre-order the full comp to support Save the Children here




Chris Cornell's daughter Lily Cornell Silver Interviewed Eddie Vedder on her new Instagram TV series Mind Wide Open [WATCH]

Lily Cornell Silver (the daughter of the late Chris Cornell) has started a new Instagram TV series titled Mind Wide Open  - focusing on mental health series.  The latest episode featured Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, who Lily refers to as a 'guiding light in my life' 


See the 36 minute discussion below where the two touch on the tumultuous times we’re living through right now  and Eddie's methods for coping with depression  


A particularly moving moment comes up when Eddie opens up about the 2000 Roskilde Festival tragedy, where nine fans were killed in a stage crush during Pearl Jam’s set just moments after learning of Lily's birth:   


“It’s interesting, Roskilde, where there was issues with weather and the crowd, and a horrific situation where lives were lost in front of the barricade… it’s crazy to talk to you about it, because right before we went onstage… we got the news that our great friends Chris and Susan had just had a child ... And her name was Lily, and we kinda cried some tears of joy… This was I think less than 15 minutes before we were gonna go on ... And then we went out with you on our minds, and we were feeling empowered and emotional… and 40 minutes into the show, these terrible events happened.”


Vedder went on to say that Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey of The Who helped him through the difficult time - having gone through a similar situation in 1979.


 “There I was in a fetal position, basically, and Pete said, ‘You can handle this,’ and I said, ‘I can’t. I don’t know, Pete, I don’t think I can. I’m losing it.’ And he said, ‘No, you can handle this…’ He empowered me to get my shit together.”


Check out the full interview below:





Watch Recently Unearthed Footage of Lou Reed Jamming With John Mellencamp in 1987

On September 17th, 1987 - two days before Farm Aid III in Lincoln, Nebraska, about 100 people showed up to the Bluebird Night Club to see a local band called Ragin’ Texans.  


These lucky fans had no idea what they were about to witness ... when John MellencampLou Reed, and John Prine showed up to rehearse for Farm Aid III sets.  


The set started with Mellencamp rehearsing with his band - with Reed and Prine eventually joining in on the jam.


Miraculously - this was wayyy before everyone had a phone in their pocket with a video camera - someone was there with a camcorder and captured video of Mellencamp and Reed teaming up on “Walk on the Wild Side,” “Sweet Jane,” “Rock & Roll,” and “I Love You, Suzanne” 


You can check the video out below ... but our only question is - what took this long for it to be converted and uploaded to YouTube !?! 





Hear The War On Drugs remix of The Rolling Stones & Jimmy Page's 'Scarlet'

The Rolling Stones teased a collaboration with Philadelphia based band The War on Drugs earlier this week with a simple tweet.  



We now have the output of that collaboration- a remix of "Scarlet" - the  Stones' recently unearthed track featuring - recorded back in 1974 and featuring  Jimmy Page  set to be included on the upcoming Goat's Head Soup reissue (due 9/4) - a remix of the song by The War On Drugs. 


Take a listen to the slick rework of the song below:



Over 150 Outdoor Live Music Events Planned for Downtown Annapolis This Summer [SCHEDULE]

With concert venues still shuttered due to the pandemic (you can do your part to help protect them from closing completely) - many of us are missing seeing live music  and the musicians are missing performing for us. 


With the City of Annapolis implementing their recovery zones for restaurants and shops - The Downtown Annapolis Partnership and The Inner West Street Association have worked to add performances by local musicians to the events - hosting live outdoor music events to the zones.  



"The goal is to keep people employed and businesses open in a safe manner. It truly takes a willing partnership of restaurants working together to keep these outdoor dining events fun and safe," said Erik Evans the Executive Director of both organizations. 


Below is the schedule of events planned through the end of the summer: 


Annapolis Summer Outdoor Music Schedule

Dinner Under the Stars  (First Block of West Street)

Aug 13   Alyssa Shouse                6pm-9pm

Aug 14   Chris Button                    6pm-9pm

Aug 15   David Sparrow                 6pm-9pm

Aug 16   Chris Sacks                     6pm-9pm

Aug 19   Rock-a-Sonics                 6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 20   Timmie & Tambo              6pm-9pm

Aug 21   Alex Peters                      6pm-9pm

Aug 22   Doug Segree                   6pm-9pm

Aug 23   Jordan Sokel                   6pm-9pm

Aug 26  Ebb & Nova                      6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 27  Chris Sacks                       6pm-9pm

Aug 28  Sean Hetrick                      6pm-9pm

Aug 29  Larry Lay                            6pm-9pm

Aug 30 Skribe Duo                          6pm-9pm

Sept 2   Wheelhouse                       6:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 3   Timmie & Tambo                6pm-9pm

Sept 4  Alex Peters                          6pm-9pm

Sept 5  Alyssa Shouse                     6pm-9pm

Sept 6  Caleb Stine                          6pm-9pm

Sept 9   Hardway Connection          6:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 10  Chris Sacks                       6pm-9pm

Sept 11  Timmie & Tambo               6pm-9pm

Sept 12  Alex Peters                       6pm-9pm

Sept 13 Doug Segree                     6pm-9pm


Market Space Outdoor Dining Area (Market Space)

Aug 13  Ryan Keith                          6pm-9pm                         

Aug 14  Larry Lay                            5pm-9pm

Aug 15  Seth Kibel                          12pm-3pm

Aug 15  Jesse Powers                      6pm-9pm

Aug 16 Doug Segree                        12pm-3pm

Aug 16  Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Aug 20  Skribe Duo                           6pm-9pm

Aug 21   Larry Lay                             5pm-9pm

Aug 22 Sean Hetrick                        12pm-3pm

Aug 22 Chris Button                        6pm-9pm

Aug 23 David Sparrow                    12pm-3pm

Aug 23 Ryan Kozel                            5pm-8pm

Aug 27 Shawn Owen                        6pm-9pm

Aug 28  Larry Lay                              5pm-9pm

Aug 29 Alyssa Shouse                      12pm-3pm

Aug 29 Jesse Powers                       6pm-9pm

Aug 30 Alex Peters                           12pm-3pm

Aug 30  Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Sept 3   Chris Sacks                          6pm-9pm

Sept 4   Larry Lay                              5pm-9pm

Sept 5 Skribe Duo                            12pm-3pm

Sept 5  Doug Segree                       6pm-9pm

Sept 6 Seth Kibel                            12pm-3pm

Sept 6 Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Sept 10  Alyssa Shouse                  6pm-9pm

Sept 11  Larry Lay                           5pm-9pm

Sept 12 Seth Kibel                         12pm-3pm

Sept 12 Timmie & Tambo               6pm-9pm

Sept 13 Alex Peters                       12pm-3pm

Sept 13  Ryan Kozel                      5pm-8pm


Red Red Wine
Aug 15  DJ Crawdads                  6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 22 Shawn Owens                 6:30pm-9:30pm



Reynolds Tavern

Aug 13   Charles Kavoossi          7pm

Aug 15   Stefan Heuer                8pm
Aug 19   Sean Hetrick                 7pm-10pm

Aug 20   Ben Heemstra              7pm

Aug 22   Sean Hetrick                  8pm

Aug 26   Brandt Dunn                 7pm-10pm

Aug 27   Alexander Peters         7pm

Aug 29   Brandt Dunn                8pm

Sept 2    Sean Hetrick                 7pm-10pm

Sept 3   Ben Heemstra              7pm

Sept 4   Charles Kavoossi          8pm

Sept 9    Ben Heemstra             7pm-10pm

Sept 10  Stefan Heuer              7pm

Sept 12  Sean Hetrick               8pm

Sept 16  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10pm

Sept 17  Alexander Peters       7pm

Sept 23  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10pm

Sept 24  Charles Kavoossi        7pm

Sept 25  Brandt Dunn               8pm

Sept 26  Sean Hetrick                8pm

Sept 30  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10p

Watch Trey Anastasio and The Roots' first in-studio performance on 'The Tonight Show' since lockdown due to COVID-19 began

A major step in live TV production was taken this week - as Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio performed live in studio on The Tonight Show 


Anastasio was joined by the show's house band The Roots as he performed “I Never Needed You Like This Before” from his new, surprise album Lonely Trip  


Fallon seemed most excited about the performance - saying “Here in studio – I can’t believe I’m saying this! – is the great Trey Anastasio!”



Anastasio and Phish are no strangers to late night TV - in 2014 and 2016 they were on  The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon.  They  also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2000 and 2002.  They also collaborated with Jimmy Fallon when they were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live in 2002.

It appears we'll be getting a collaboration between The Rolling Stones and the War on Drugs this week?

We already know The Rolling Stones will reissue their album Goat's Head Soup on September 4, as a deluxe edition featuring multiple discs with plenty of extra materiel -  including three previously unreleased songs.


We recently learned one of those songs is titled "Scarlet" which features Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.



But now it seems like they have something else planned around that track - having recently tweeted out a picture of Goat's Head Soup's album cover, that simply reads "Scarlet x The War on Drugs" .




Could they be hinting that there is a collab of the track "Scarlet" with The War on Drugs?   The caption reads we'll learn more this Friday - August 14. 

Pearl Jam Announce Pay-Per-View Broadcast of Historic 'Home Show' Concert from 2018

Need some Labor Day weekend plans? Pearl Jam has you covered.  


The band has announced that they will be showcasing one of their historic “Home Show” gigs - the August 8, 2018  show from Seattle's Seattle’s Safeco Field beginning on September 4th on



The show featured a 33-song set list (see below), with songs from their entire catalog (up to that point),  covers of Neil Young, the Beatles, the White Stripes, Pink Floyd, Little Steven, and Brandi Carlile who assisted the band while they covered her song “Again Today.” founder and CEO Brad Serling said in a statement: 

“We’ve worked with Pearl Jam for 20 years, and while we miss seeing them on stage, the archive of more than 400 performances dating all the way back to 1993 has helped fans fill the void.  Streaming this incredible 2018 show from their hometown of Seattle is a ray of sunshine for these times.”


The show, which will be available to watch on-demand anytime over the Labor Day weekend (9/4 - 9/70 costs $14.99 with a discount for Pearl Jam “Ten Club” members. 


Click here to order and  learn more.



One For the Road...ies - Green Day, The Avett Brothers, Black Pumas and more are auctioning custom YETI to raise money for their road crews

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the concert industry leaving music venues shuttered (click here to help keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently) 


But also out of work are all the hard working people who put in tireless hours to make concerts happen ... the first people at the show setting up amps and the last people to leave after the show is over ... the ROADIES


You can now help these hard working people out with a cool new fundraiser - called One for the Roadies. 



Crew Nation - an organization 'created in the wake of the pandemic to extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who depend on shows to make a living' . and keeper of all things cool - YETI, have joined forces with a bunch of musicians - having them customize the Roadie® 24 Cooler - which you can bid on now through August 10. 


Click here to see and bid on the coolers customized by the likes of Green Day, The Avett Brothers, Caamp, Portugal. the Man, The National, Leon Bridges, and more


If anyone is looking to get us something for our birthday - here are some of our favorites ;) 


The National 


Portugal. the Man


Leon Bridges


Green Day


Click here to see and bid on all the coolers



The Who launching weekly 'Join Together @ Home' classic concert webcast this week with their classic 1982 Shea Stadium show

Look who's getting into the weekly online concert broadcast game - The Who!  



The band has decided to dust off their archival concert footage and offer them to us for free weekly online viewing.  


Their “Join Together @ Home” offerings will occur over the next six weeks, starting Saturday, Aug. 8 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.  The first installment will include live clips from their 1982 New York City show at Shea Stadium  plus “an exclusive ‘red carpet’ premiere clip from Roger Daltrey”


The Who - Live At Shea Stadium 1982



The band will ask viewers to support their charitable partners - the Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America - throughout the stream.  



The band says: 


 “As you have faced the inconvenience of isolation these past months, please think of the many teenage cancer patients who are in the fight of their lives. Follow your local guidelines, stay safe, relax and watch The Who, and do one of the most important things you can do today, donate to help teens facing cancer ... If you can’t donate to both charities just choose the one that’s closest to your heart. But whatever you do please make sure you donate.”


The show's can be viewed on the band’s official YouTube page .


Want to hear Tom Petty's lost 'Wildflowers' song 'There Goes Angela (Dream Away)'? You'll need to pass a quiz to acmes it

The Tom Petty estate has shared a previously unheard song, “There Goes Angela (Dream Away)”.  


 - But there's a catch - 


Accessing the song it requires a little effort - the easiest being successfully completing a five-question quiz on Petty’s website or entering your e-mail address and zip code so they can update their fan list. 





Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench had this to say about the song: 

“I don’t remember hearing this.  I think this is one where I would have said, ‘Oh, come on. Let’s cut this.’ I don’t remember even trying it. When it came on, I was so thrilled. But I was also mad like, ‘What? We didn’t cut this?’ When I first heard it, I was so happy that it almost made me cry because I was hearing him do something I hadn’t heard.”

The song is one of several tracks that was recorded during the Wildflowers sessions - but eventually scrapped after Petty was forced to release the album as a single LP instead of his envisioned double record.


Before his death - Petty had planned a Wildflowers box set that would have given us access to the dropped songs and more ... he even had plans to tour playing the album- telling Rolling Stone

“Single album concerts often don’t scan right for a concert...But with the amount of material I have for the Wildflowers double album, I think I’ve got enough tempos and types of songs that I could do a live show … And it’ll be fun for the audience since there’s a bunch of songs they’ll know.”


The estate still plans on releasing a Wildflowers celebratory release - an “exhaustive chronicle of the making of one of Petty’s most enduring albums” and has shared the demo version of  “You Don’t Know How It Feels"


Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels (Home Recording) 








Bon Iver Collaborates with Bruce Springsteen, Jenny Lewis, and Jenn Wasner on New Single 'AUATC'

Just days after appearing on Taylor Swift's chart topping single “exile,Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver is back with another new track - and he enlisted some friends to help ... The song, titled "AUATC,” (which stands for Ate Up All Their Cake) credits Bruce Springsteen,  Jenny Lewis, and Baltimore's Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak) as contributing vocalists 



The song - which you can hear below along with the video showing off some sweet dance moves from Randall Riley was released with the following message in support of social justice and anti-capitalist causes: 


From celebrating art and music, to empowering women, to liberating incarcerated people, to fighting climate change, these organizations work tirelessly to foster a world that celebrates our humanity on a local, national, and global level.


Please explore, support, and take action: 


Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement
Red Letter Grant



Equal Justice Initiative




Bon Iver - AUATC - Official Video



R.E.M. announces they will rebroadcast 1999 Glastonbury set as a YouTube Livestream for 72 hours

R.E.M. has announced they will rebroadcast their 1999 Glastonbury festival set at the as a limited run livestream via YouTube.





The concert footage will only be live for 72 hours starting at 3 p.m. EST on Thursday, August 6th.  The set included classic R.E.M. like “The One I Love,” “Losing My Religion,” “Everybody Hurts,” “Man on the Moon” and “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” 


Michael Stipe said in a statement:


“Hole (who played earlier) did such a great set, I was like — I’ve got to ramp this up, I’ve got to be great. I think it was maybe a moment for R.E.M. and the U.K. where we had kind of been forgotten or pushed aside by younger bands, and that was a particular moment at Glastonbury where I think we pulled ourselves back to the front of the line and actually proved, this is what we’re capable of. It was a great show for us!” 


Here's the full set list from the gig:





Newport Folk Fest Live Stream Recap: Roger Waters & Lucius covered John Prine while Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers covered Gillian Welch

Lollapalooza wasn't the only festival to pivot and bring their 2020 festival to the airwaves and web - the Newport Folk Festival also offered a livestream festival this past weekend -  July 31 - August 2 - the same weekend the 2020 edition was scheduled to take place.  


On Sunday - the festival organizers offered  a free screening of the new concert documentary Our Voices Together on YouTube, featuring  some never-seen-before performances.  


Highlighting the film - Roger Waters & Lucius collaborating once again to cover the late John Prine's "Hello in There" (Waters and Lucius performed with Prine at the 2017 Newport Folk Festival) which Roger recalls as "Precious memories" 


"Hello in There" (John Prine cover w/ Lucius)



Another amazing collaboration from the film featured Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers coming together from different parts of the world (Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles) to cover Gillian Welch's 2001 song "Everything is Free."


Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers - Everything Is Free (Gillian Welch cover)


Jane's Addiction Reunion & Toni Cornell's covering Pearl Jam's 'Black' highlights Lollapalooza's 2020 livestream

Like pretty much every music festival in 2020 - Lollapalooza US was forced to cancel its in person version - but the genius' behind the granddaddy of fests decided to 'pivot' instead of simply postponing - and hosted a 4 day live stream virtual festival via YouTube



There were 2 major highlights of new footage from the 4 days of live and archived performances ... 


First - was Chris Cornell‘s teenage daughter Toni performing a stripped down acoustic- rendition cover of Pearl Jam's  “Black”  : 



Also worthy of mentioning - Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Chris Chaney reunited Jane's Addition and performing  ‘I Would For You’ and ‘Stop!’.



Farrell also reunited Porno For Pyros for their first live performance in 24 years and his t project Kind Heaven Orchestra staged a tribute to David Bowie by covering ‘Ziggy Stardust’.