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Watch Recently Unearthed Footage of Lou Reed Jamming With John Mellencamp in 1987

On September 17th, 1987 - two days before Farm Aid III in Lincoln, Nebraska, about 100 people showed up to the Bluebird Night Club to see a local band called Ragin’ Texans.  


These lucky fans had no idea what they were about to witness ... when John MellencampLou Reed, and John Prine showed up to rehearse for Farm Aid III sets.  


The set started with Mellencamp rehearsing with his band - with Reed and Prine eventually joining in on the jam.


Miraculously - this was wayyy before everyone had a phone in their pocket with a video camera - someone was there with a camcorder and captured video of Mellencamp and Reed teaming up on “Walk on the Wild Side,” “Sweet Jane,” “Rock & Roll,” and “I Love You, Suzanne” 


You can check the video out below ... but our only question is - what took this long for it to be converted and uploaded to YouTube !?!