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Chris Cornell's daughter Lily Cornell Silver Interviewed Eddie Vedder on her new Instagram TV series Mind Wide Open [WATCH]

Lily Cornell Silver (the daughter of the late Chris Cornell) has started a new Instagram TV series titled Mind Wide Open  - focusing on mental health series.  The latest episode featured Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, who Lily refers to as a 'guiding light in my life' 


See the 36 minute discussion below where the two touch on the tumultuous times we’re living through right now  and Eddie's methods for coping with depression  


A particularly moving moment comes up when Eddie opens up about the 2000 Roskilde Festival tragedy, where nine fans were killed in a stage crush during Pearl Jam’s set just moments after learning of Lily's birth:   


“It’s interesting, Roskilde, where there was issues with weather and the crowd, and a horrific situation where lives were lost in front of the barricade… it’s crazy to talk to you about it, because right before we went onstage… we got the news that our great friends Chris and Susan had just had a child ... And her name was Lily, and we kinda cried some tears of joy… This was I think less than 15 minutes before we were gonna go on ... And then we went out with you on our minds, and we were feeling empowered and emotional… and 40 minutes into the show, these terrible events happened.”


Vedder went on to say that Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey of The Who helped him through the difficult time - having gone through a similar situation in 1979.


 “There I was in a fetal position, basically, and Pete said, ‘You can handle this,’ and I said, ‘I can’t. I don’t know, Pete, I don’t think I can. I’m losing it.’ And he said, ‘No, you can handle this…’ He empowered me to get my shit together.”


Check out the full interview below: