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Over 150 Outdoor Live Music Events Planned for Downtown Annapolis This Summer [SCHEDULE]

With concert venues still shuttered due to the pandemic (you can do your part to help protect them from closing completely) - many of us are missing seeing live music  and the musicians are missing performing for us. 


With the City of Annapolis implementing their recovery zones for restaurants and shops - The Downtown Annapolis Partnership and The Inner West Street Association have worked to add performances by local musicians to the events - hosting live outdoor music events to the zones.  



"The goal is to keep people employed and businesses open in a safe manner. It truly takes a willing partnership of restaurants working together to keep these outdoor dining events fun and safe," said Erik Evans the Executive Director of both organizations. 


Below is the schedule of events planned through the end of the summer: 


Annapolis Summer Outdoor Music Schedule

Dinner Under the Stars  (First Block of West Street)

Aug 13   Alyssa Shouse                6pm-9pm

Aug 14   Chris Button                    6pm-9pm

Aug 15   David Sparrow                 6pm-9pm

Aug 16   Chris Sacks                     6pm-9pm

Aug 19   Rock-a-Sonics                 6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 20   Timmie & Tambo              6pm-9pm

Aug 21   Alex Peters                      6pm-9pm

Aug 22   Doug Segree                   6pm-9pm

Aug 23   Jordan Sokel                   6pm-9pm

Aug 26  Ebb & Nova                      6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 27  Chris Sacks                       6pm-9pm

Aug 28  Sean Hetrick                      6pm-9pm

Aug 29  Larry Lay                            6pm-9pm

Aug 30 Skribe Duo                          6pm-9pm

Sept 2   Wheelhouse                       6:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 3   Timmie & Tambo                6pm-9pm

Sept 4  Alex Peters                          6pm-9pm

Sept 5  Alyssa Shouse                     6pm-9pm

Sept 6  Caleb Stine                          6pm-9pm

Sept 9   Hardway Connection          6:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 10  Chris Sacks                       6pm-9pm

Sept 11  Timmie & Tambo               6pm-9pm

Sept 12  Alex Peters                       6pm-9pm

Sept 13 Doug Segree                     6pm-9pm


Market Space Outdoor Dining Area (Market Space)

Aug 13  Ryan Keith                          6pm-9pm                         

Aug 14  Larry Lay                            5pm-9pm

Aug 15  Seth Kibel                          12pm-3pm

Aug 15  Jesse Powers                      6pm-9pm

Aug 16 Doug Segree                        12pm-3pm

Aug 16  Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Aug 20  Skribe Duo                           6pm-9pm

Aug 21   Larry Lay                             5pm-9pm

Aug 22 Sean Hetrick                        12pm-3pm

Aug 22 Chris Button                        6pm-9pm

Aug 23 David Sparrow                    12pm-3pm

Aug 23 Ryan Kozel                            5pm-8pm

Aug 27 Shawn Owen                        6pm-9pm

Aug 28  Larry Lay                              5pm-9pm

Aug 29 Alyssa Shouse                      12pm-3pm

Aug 29 Jesse Powers                       6pm-9pm

Aug 30 Alex Peters                           12pm-3pm

Aug 30  Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Sept 3   Chris Sacks                          6pm-9pm

Sept 4   Larry Lay                              5pm-9pm

Sept 5 Skribe Duo                            12pm-3pm

Sept 5  Doug Segree                       6pm-9pm

Sept 6 Seth Kibel                            12pm-3pm

Sept 6 Ryan Kozel                           5pm-8pm

Sept 10  Alyssa Shouse                  6pm-9pm

Sept 11  Larry Lay                           5pm-9pm

Sept 12 Seth Kibel                         12pm-3pm

Sept 12 Timmie & Tambo               6pm-9pm

Sept 13 Alex Peters                       12pm-3pm

Sept 13  Ryan Kozel                      5pm-8pm


Red Red Wine
Aug 15  DJ Crawdads                  6:30pm-9:30pm

Aug 22 Shawn Owens                 6:30pm-9:30pm



Reynolds Tavern

Aug 13   Charles Kavoossi          7pm

Aug 15   Stefan Heuer                8pm
Aug 19   Sean Hetrick                 7pm-10pm

Aug 20   Ben Heemstra              7pm

Aug 22   Sean Hetrick                  8pm

Aug 26   Brandt Dunn                 7pm-10pm

Aug 27   Alexander Peters         7pm

Aug 29   Brandt Dunn                8pm

Sept 2    Sean Hetrick                 7pm-10pm

Sept 3   Ben Heemstra              7pm

Sept 4   Charles Kavoossi          8pm

Sept 9    Ben Heemstra             7pm-10pm

Sept 10  Stefan Heuer              7pm

Sept 12  Sean Hetrick               8pm

Sept 16  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10pm

Sept 17  Alexander Peters       7pm

Sept 23  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10pm

Sept 24  Charles Kavoossi        7pm

Sept 25  Brandt Dunn               8pm

Sept 26  Sean Hetrick                8pm

Sept 30  Sean Hetrick               7pm-10p