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Beastie Boys auction one of a kind memorabilia for 'an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond'

From MTV VMAs to Gold Records - the Beastie Boys have collected a ton of awards over the years ... but the thing is - none of them seem to have space to keep them. Cause that NYC rent is $$$ and they weren't "something they needed to look at."



So B-Boy Mike D would give the commemorative items to  his mother to store ...  but sadly. - she has passed away, leaving the moon men and framed records to collect dust.  So the group decided to auction them off - but for a good cause  . . . 


Mike D took to Instagram to let the world know - 


"This feels a bit weird to post, but at the same time it would feel wrong not giving y’all a heads up. I was never comfortable holding onto or looking at these awards/accolades that we got through the years. Don’t get me wrong - I’m appreciative of them, it’s just not something I need to look at. Anyway, I would give them to my mom whenever they came in and she was really happy to have them. Sadly, she died this last year. She was an amazing woman, but that’s a whole other story. Sooooo we are selling some of the stuff that she had. I know the shit is pricey and maybe you have none or very little interest. And that’s fine. But all the $ goes to @goodeatsorg - an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond."




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Items sold included in the auction the Beastie's Licensed to IllIll CommunicationPaul's BoutiqueCheck Your Head, and To the Five Boroughs Gold and Platinum Sales Awards; their 1998-1999 VMA 'Best Hip Hop Video' Moon Man for "Intergalactic;" their 2009 'Best Video' Moon Man for "Sabotage;" and a set of the "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" limited edition action figures.



You can view the entire lot of Beastie Boys items that sold over at Southeby's - but sadly the bidding is over