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'St. Monica Alvarado' of Feed Anne Arundel awarded the inaugural Annapolis Person of the Year award

Monica Alvarado may not be officially recognized by the church as a saint ... but to many in Anne Arundel County she is. 


The Eastport restaurateur was awarded the first ever Annapolis Person of the Year award last week for her amazing philanthropic work during the pandemic.  Last spring, when the community and the restaurant business  were suffering  Alvarado decided to step up and start an organization that would help both. 




She began Feed Anne Arundel, a charitable organization who's goal was to keep  restaurants in business (and in turn -  their workers employed)  by paying them to make hot meals for families in need.  The idea was that community members would make donations to the organization - that would in turn invest the donations back to the community - giving them to local restaurants who would use the money to prepare hot meals to be served to those in need   


The results were astonishing -  Feed Anne Arundel was able to have over 100 restaurants involved in the project  and provide more than 120,000 meals since starting (and they are still going!).  


Upon receiving the award Alvarado - 

“When I am not actively helping or doing something to fix the problems that we’re facing, then I kind of feel lost,..So for me, it’s given me a drive and a direction. Fighting back tears, she said, “2020 sucked, but good God did it also really rock.”





You can donate to Feed Anne Arundel HERE