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Rostam Was So 'Deeply Moved' By Amanda Gorman's Inauguration Speech He Set To Music [LISTEN]

Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij was so "deeply moved" by Amanda Gorman's  inauguration day poem - "The Hill We Climb" -  that he deicided to set it to music.


He explained in a note accompanying the track that he was so inspired Gorman that he "went to my studio and improvised three piano takes while listening back to the speech." The second take, "Improvisation in G Minor," is the one he posted in its entirety, which you can hear below, features gentle piano sounds to Gorman's soaring rhetoric.


"The Hill We Climb" - Piano Improvisation in G Major



Amanda Gorman - a 22-year-old Harvard graduate, became the youngest poet to write and recite a piece at a presidential inauguration.