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Future of Concert Venues: The Vertical Theatre Group reveals its vision of 'future-proof' concert venues

In 2020 - as the concert industry was paralyzed by the COVID 19 pandemic - a group of industry leaders gathered to work towards a new design of 'future proof' venues - that would allow concerts to resume in these current situations 


Photo: The Vertical Theatre Group


Their results, revealed this week by the The Vertical Theatre Group, is a free-standing concert hall - designed specifically with socially distancing in mind and is apparently  "tourable" during a pandemic.  


The venue would be covered by  a roof but optional open sides to allow increased  airflow and natural ventilation. Concert goers would sit in balconies made for groups of    4-12 people or designated social pods.


Photo: Vertical Theatre Group


The venues' capacities would be between 1,200-2,400 people and have the capability to include built-in global streaming capacity.


Entertainment architect Ric Lipson and project member said: 

Creativity defines all the artists and partners we work with ... we were excited to see what a new type of cross arts collaboration could produce, as we build a new vision for the future of live entertainment – The Vertical Theatre."

The announcement came with the following clip of the venue design:



The Vertical Theatre Group founders also said:  

"We are devoted to the vital importance of arts and culture. We believe they are an essential part of human experience, of what makes us who we are ... We are very excited to be able to bring this innovative new venue offering to the live entertainment world at this pivotal moment for the future of the arts."

The group has previously created live performance designs for some of the artists in the world such as Beyoncé, U2, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Monty Python, and Queen + Adam Lambert, as well as permanent theaters in China.