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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins reveals his all-time favorite Foos song (and his second favorite)

With Foo Fighters  highly-anticipated 10th album Medicine At Midnight due out in February, drummer Taylor Hawkins has reflected on his favorite all time FF songs – both including him, and before he joined the band.  



Hawkins revealed to Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1his love for the song Aurora  from 1999’s There Is Nothing Left To Lose album – his first LP with the Foo Fighters.


“I love that side of Dave [Grohl].  I love it when Dave gets in his almost yacht rock softness in his voice and he double tracks his voice really nice. And that was the first drum track that I ever did for the Foo Fighters that I was really, really proud of, because I only played half the drums on the Nothing Left To Lose record, because it was my first time in the studio and I was just… I didn’t know how to record. Recording drums and playing live are just super different and the mistakes are polarised heavily, once you’re under the scrutiny of the microphones. You had to do it right.”



He went on to share his love for the timeless opening song on the band’s 1995 self-titled debut: This Is A Call.


“I could also say the first time I heard This Is a Call was the first time I heard the Foo Fighters and I wasn’t in the band yet.  I was playing with Alanis [Morissette] and we were all in the van, traversing the Foo Fighters, playing all the same clubs as they were. And it was just funny, and we just wore that album out. And This Is a Call might be my favourite Foo Fighters song of all time, too.”



Taylor also discusesed listening to music at incredibly loud volumes with FFFrontman Dave Grohl - which sounds like heaven: 


“Well it’s rock’n’roll, man, I like it loud.  Dave likes to listen to music so fucking loud, it’s crazy. When we listened to playbacks on the studio stuff, I can’t really hear it when it’s that loud. It’s so loud that it just is distorted to me. You know what I mean? I used to drive around in Dave’s Suburban back in the ?’90s and his speakers were all blown. And we’d be listening to The Prodigy at 10, just flying around with cigarettes in our mouths, eating McDonald’s and fucking listening to The Prodigy at like 10, literally at 10. And your ears form their own sort of compression at that point and it’s just, I don’t like listening to music that loud. I like to hear it good.”


How do Taylor's top Foo Fighter picks line up with yours ...