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Bleachers head to the rooftop with Bruce Springsteen and perform their collaborative track 'Chinatown' Live

Bleachers have a new album on the way - and the lead single from it, chinatown, features their fellow New Jersey native, Bruce Springsteen.  


We've seen the official video for the song - and now we have a live version of the song - with Bruce Springsteen sitting in - filmed on the roof of the famed at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. 


Check it out below: 


Bleachers - 'chinatown' live on the rood electric lady studios ft. Bruce Springsteen



Bleachers also revealed a live rendition of the song '45' from the session 


Bleachers - '45' live on the rood electric lady studios


On why they filmed at ELS- Jack Antoff had this to say :


“I go to Electric Lady every day to work.  I sit on the roof for hours and hours. Probably spent more time on that roof this year than my bed. Kept imagining the band up there on all the different levels playing on 8th street with everything patched into the console of studio D. Was the first time we played these songs and the first time we played together since the pandemic. Was like a dream.”


Hopefully this isn't the last we see of this collaboration live :)