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Vampire Weekend at Merriweather: Oxford Commas and Peace Frogs [Video/Pics/Set List]

Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride Tour breezed through Merriweather Post Pavilion on Thursday (8/29) night … we say breezed because of the nonchalant nature of the set – the band seemed loose and comfortable jamming on the stage for over 2 hours.  The whole tour has been that way – starting with pop up shows in random parks in LA and NYC, then moving on to some early morning tour warm up shows …



The Merriweather Post Pavilion show – the venue they declared their favorite (it’s the third time they played there since 2010) – they breezed through some old favorites like  Holiday, Mansard Rood, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (not 8 minutes), Diane Young, A-Punk, and new favorites Sunflower, Harmony Hall, and This Life.  They also threw 2 covers into the set – New Dorp.  New York (from Ezra Koenig’s SBTRKT project) and Peace Frog by The Doors – in honor of the band having played Merriweather in 1968 (see video below)



The band ended their set a little earlier than Merriweather’s hard cutoff of 11pm – so turned to crowd for requests … the first request honored, Hanna Hunt, came from a fan sporting a homemade 8 minute Cape Cod bucket hat and snake earrings …the second – Diplomat’s Son (which they jammed in part of Pressure Drop by The Maytals) came from a fan wearing a Hard Rock Café Atlanta shirt .. they made him confirm he had actually been there before playing his request.. they ended the song asking where all the diplomats were … lol


Vampire Weekend - A Punk




The night ended with Ezra promising to be back soon (sooner than 6-9 years at least) and then stepping into the crowd to sign some autographs – again proving he’s just as cool as a cucumber – despite playing in front of 10,000 adoring fans …  



Vampire Weekend - Peace Frog (The Doors Cover)




Set list  

1. Sunflower

2.White Sky



5.Mansard Roof

6.Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

7.How Long



10.Unbearably White


12.New Dorp. New York  (SBTRKT cover)

13.This Life

14.Hold You Know

15.Harmony Hall

16.Diane Young



19.Don’t Lie

20.Peace Frog (The Doors cover)

21.Oxford Comma

22.Jerusalem, New York, Berlin



23.Big Blue

24.Hanna Hunt (request)

25.Diplomat’s Son (request)

26.Flower Moon

27.Worship You

28.Ya Hey