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Vampire Weekend spent Earth Day having Pop Up Show in LA's Griffith Park [WATCH]



Imagine this scene...your walking your dog in LA's Griffith Park - on Earth Day - and you come around a bend to see a group of musicians playing some songs...they have a few friends there with them watching ... how quaint ...then you listen in a little and you recognoze the song ...the voice ...and then your realize - this isn't some random group of hipsters hanging out - it's freaking  Vampire Weekend


Yep - ahead of hitting the road on a massive world tour - the band was hanging out in the park with some family and  friends - like members of Mumford and Sons, HAIM, Diplo - you know - NBD - playing some songs and having a picnic ... 


Here's the setlist ... and there's video and photgraphic proof this actually happened below  


1. harmony hall
2. big blue
3. this life
4. 2021
5. sunflower
6. late in the evening
7. jokerman
8. jessica ( request)
9. seinfeld theme (request)
10. oxford comma 
11. a-punk