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Nirvanamania is here ... Kurt Cobain's Sweater Sells for $75K at Auction



We've seen some rock n roll memorabilia sell at auction for some ridiculous prices - most recently David Bowie's unreleased demos or a Fender ukulele signed by Billie Eilish - but now is seems that Nirvana is getting in on the auction action.  


2 items from the late Kurt Cobain's personal collection went up for auction this past weekend and commanded som serious cash. 


The big ticket item - a cardigan sweater Cobain wore in 1993, during Nirvana's final photo shoot when the band was preparing to release their final album, In Utero.  


Julien’s Auctions - who hosted the auction notes:

“The shoot was meant to take place in Central Park in New York City, but due to Cobain being sick just hours before, the shoot was relocated to the basement of the hotel where the band was staying. Cobain showed up three hours late to the shoot, and immediately asked for a bucket due to his nausea.”


The sweater sold for $75,000 .... 




Another item that sold, with some local ties - was a paper plate ... but not just any paper plate - the pizza grease soaked plate contains the set list the band used at an April 23, 1990 gig at DC's 930 Club.  I guess this was before the club gave out cup cakes :P