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Hear the three unreleased David Bowie tracks that are set to be sold at auction

Last year, some of the first known recordings by David Bowie were discovered.  


And nowthree rareDavid Bowie demos from the late 1960s will be auctioned on May 21 in England.


The tracks - "Funny Smile," "Bunny Thing" and "Pussy Cat," as well as "Did You Ever Have a Dream," which appeared on the 1981 compilation Another Face - will be auctioned under the title "David Bowie 1967 Rejected Demos" according to auction house Omega Auctions.


The lot description reads: 


"A boxed reel of 1/4" Ampex recording tape, containing four tracks recorded by David Bowie at Decca Studio 2 in West Hampstead, London circa 1967. All four were demos intended for use on his first album. The tracks are as follows: Funny Smile (02.17), Did You Ever Have a Dream (2.05), Bunny Thing (2.43), Pussy Cat (2.20). A digital copy of the recording will be included with the tape." 


Don't have a few grand laying around to purchase the tapes (or a reel to reel player to listen to them on)  - take a listen to a sampling below: