Canines and Crosstreks - SPCA Adoptable Pet Profiles

Canines & Crosstreks Adoptable Pets of the Week - Cody Boy (Alaskan Husky), Rocky (Foxhound), & Rollo (Retriever/Lab/Australian Shepherd)

This week the SPCA of Anne Arundel County is featuring a trio of fellas, each as handsome as can be, in the Annapolis Subaru Canines and Crosstrek Adoption report.   



Up first - Cody Boy - a handsome 8 year old Alaskan Husky -  

Cody Boy's thick coat may make him a little warm in the summer - but the  SPCA of Anne Arundel County has learned he loves to cool off with some watermelon ... He does shed a lot though .. but a little grooming - which he loves - is key . . . He is create trained - but can be a little defensive around food - so an adult only home would be best.  

But if you are in search of a family dog -  Rocky is your guy! 



Rocky's an 8 year old foxhound who's had a ruff couple of months.  He found himself homeless after his family moved and didn't tell him! 


Rocky family friendly and you would never know he's 8 years old!  He is a loyal companion looking for a family to love! 

Finally we have Rollo - who just like the candy - is sweet as can be! Rollo's a young retriever/lab/Australian Shepherd mix - just one year old - and full of love and energy.  

We suggest adopting Rollo with Rocky - so your house can have the Rock(y) n Roll(o) experience :)

Just a reminder - the shelter is able to have viewings and adoptions BUT by appointment only.  So if you are interested in adopting Cody Boy, Rollo or Rocky, this week's Canines and Crosstreks Adoptable Pets of the Week (or one of the other 600 animals the SPCA of Anne Arundel County is housing)  - please call (410-268-4388 ) or email for info.  PLEASE We ask you be patient ... operations at the shelter are moving a little slower than normal right now.



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The SPCA of Anne Arundel County would like to thank ALL of their volunteers, donators, and partners - especially  Annapolis Subaru - who continue to support their mission in finding homes for all the adoptable pets of Anne Arundel County