The Breakers - RNR's Guide to the BEST new music

We love finding new music.  More so, we love sharing the new music we find with you!  That's why we've launched The Breakers - a new music feature highlighting songs and artists we think you'll love! Check out who we've been checking out below! 

Fiona Apple - Shameika


Fiona Apple came back in a big way - releasing her first LP since 2012 - Fetch The Boltcutters.  The album was being hailed as the record of the year in the days after it was released ... in MARCH!


And now - not only has Dave Grohl praised the album for helping him get through his quarantine - it is currently the highest-rated album of all time on Metacritic - which “distils the opinions of the most respected critics writing online and in print to a single number” ... damn ... no wonder we can't get enough of it ... every track on the album is wonderful - but Shameika is the one we keep coming back to  ... 


Fiona Apple - Shameika (Audio)



Normally - this is the part of the review where we send you to the artist's social media pages .. but since Fionna has a YouTube page and a MySpace page - we'll skip this feature ;) 

Black Pumas - Fire


There's not much we need to say about Black Pumas that hasn't been said already - 


"Sam Cooke meets Wu Tang"

"A soulful explosion"

"...tapping the collective unease of the national moment"


But the latest single off their self titled debut album - FIRE - is a track we've really been digging by this Austin TX duo comprised of Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada .. fun fact - Quesada made his way from LA to Austin by busking from town to town  ...


We were really looking forward to seeing Black Pumas when they came to Baltimore this summer - but for now we'll have to listen to the record (or watch their ACL set) until the touring world resets and they are able to come back through 


Black Pumas - "Fire" (Timelapse Mural Video)




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Illiterate Light - Sometimes Love Takes So Long



When our SXSW correspondent Bobby on the Street came back from Austin in 2019 - there was one band he could not stop talking about having seen.  


Illiterate Light - a frantic yet melodic band out of  Harrisonburg, Virginia - that are able to make such amazing sounds - despite just being two people.  And the more we learn about them - the more we love - like the fact that they toured the East Coast by bicycle or that lead singer/guitarist Jeff Gorman's uncle Steve Gorman the drummer for the Black Crowes  or the fact that they love to play secret house shows in Catonsville Maryland! 


Their self titled debut album stayed in our rotation here for most of the year ... we invited them to play our 2019 Snowball at the Ottobar ... and now - we are thrilled with the latest single - both the official release and the live version  

Illiterate Light – Sometimes Love Takes So Long 


Illiterate Light – Sometimes Love Takes So Long (Live at Great Scott)



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The Head & The Heart - Honeybee

It's no secret we've been big fans of  The Head and the Heart for a long time.   We kinda like to humble brag about being fans since 2016 - when they played an intimate club show for  Holiday Snowball back in 2016 at Rams Head. 


And we cannot get enough of their new single Honeybee ... and we REALLLLY can't get enough of the #AtHome version of the song they did on the Tonight Show.  


The Head and the Heart - Honeybee


The Head and the Heart - Honeybee - At Home on Fallon



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Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - Be Afraid

 Alt-country singer-songwriter Jason Isbell is back - along with his band -  the 400 Unit - with his seventh solo album Reunions ... The record is a "a lively, powerful album for a world on fire"



As anyone who has talked to Isbell, seen him live, or even followed his social media - the Alabama native does  not hold back his thoughts and feelings - and Reunions is filled with songs that reflect the personal life he’s talked about in public for the past few years. 



The lead single - Be Afraid - the jangly/ low-fi rock tune - is an anthem for artists to use their voice for good and enact change and not become conformists. “We don’t take requests, we won’t shut up and sing... tell the truth enough you’ll find it rhymes with everything.


“If I don’t do what I consider to be the right thing — which is speak my mind — I’m not gonna be able to sleep when I’m an old man, and I’m not gonna be able to speak to my kids about it,” Isbell told Rolling Stone Country in 2018.


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Be Afraid


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The Jaded Hearts Club - This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me)


You want to know how you start a band bio?  With a sentence like this "A new band featuring members of Muse, Blur, NIN, The Last Shadow Puppets, Jet, The Zutons & occasionally Paul McCartney" 


This new band - The Jaded Hearts Club - features Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets) and Nic Cester (Jet) as dualing lead vocalist, Matt Bellamy ( Muse) playing bass,  Graham Coxon (Blur) and Jamie Davis (Transcopic) on guitars, and Sean Payne (The Zutons) on drums - was actually formed back in 2017 - after Davis gave up searching for a Beatles cover band to play his birthday party and formed his own instead (hence the name)... they've played a few shows over the years - and have even been joined onstage by Paul McCartney


The first official relase by the group is a cranked up cover of Marvin Gay's This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me) and is slated to appear on their upcoming album of all Northern Soul covers.


According to Matt Bellamy:

“We listened to hours and hours of songs from the Northern Soul/Motown period to choose the right 10 for an album.  This perfectly sums up what we are trying to do as The Jaded Hearts Club — to shed light on some of the greatest lost songs ever written.”


The album's  release date is still TBD- but you can enjoy the first track here: 


The Jaded Hearts Club - This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me)





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