The Breakers - RNR's Guide to the BEST new music

We love finding new music.  More so, we love sharing the new music we find with you!  That's why we've launched The Breakers - a new music feature highlighting songs and artists we think you'll love! Check out who we've been checking out below! 

Ray LaMontagne – Roll Me Mama, Roll Me


Earlier this year- Ray LaMontagne dropped a surprise single 'We'll Make It Through' which at the time and still is - the perfect message for 2020. 


What we didn't know then - but we do now is that Ray was prepping a new album that he wrote, performed, produced, and engineered all on his own - how'd you spend your quarantine;) 


One of our other favorite tracks from the the folk and Americana record, titled Monovison, has Roll Me Mama, Roll Me. 


Ray LaMontagne - Roll Me Mama, Roll Me (Official Audio)




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The Nude Party - Lonely Heather


Sometimes a band name makes you pause when you first hear it ... like 'Bare Naked Ladies' or 'Butthole Surfers' ... well - we remember catching Dr Dog at Rams Head Live in 2019 and the opening band's name caught our eye - The Nude Party.  Lucky for us - we get to shows in time to see the all the acts  and The Nude Party - while fully clothed- did not disappoint. 


However  - the band did get their name from their early days as a band when they WOULD perform in the nude - and the audience would decide to party sans clothes as well.  


Fast forward to 2020 - where the sextet (sorry - couldn't resist) have released a  their their second studio album, Midnight Manor, and the lead single - Lonely Heather - is a stomper of a song  and you can check out the Ralph Bakshi New York street animation style inspired video below


The Nude Party - Lonely Heather



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The Strokes - The Adults are Talking


We're not sure when The Strokes picked the title for their sixth album (and first in seven years) - but The New Abnormal certainly seems perfect for 2020.  


Title aside - we are really digging the record- including the opening track - The Adults Are Talking - becuase it brings us back to exactly why we fell in love with the band in the first place - solid lo-fi indie rock that appears to be 100% care free and genuine


The Strokes - The Adults Are Talking (Audio)


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This post was sponsored by RCA Records - but the opinions are those of the WRNR music staff 

Blue De Tiger - Figure It Out



Tik Tok may have propelled Blu De Tiger onto everyone's radar in 2020 - but don't think she's an overnight sensation.  The 21 year old New Yorker has been playing music since she was 7 years old- producing,  gigging, touring  - and cultivating a funky bass sound that's able to get everyone moving 


Her latest track  - Figure It Out - comes with infectious groves and  a quarantine era / made at home video we can't stop watching.  Last spring - she was at the 9:30 Club for a sold out show - and we hope to see her again there as soon as it's safe to hit the dance floor with 1,000 of our friends 

Blu DeTiger - Figure It Out




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Fiona Apple - Under the Table


Fiona Apple came back in a big way this year - releasing her first LP since 2012 - Fetch The Boltcutters   which is being hailed as the record of the year  


We've definaltely had the albim on repeat since its release in March  - but the new single - Under the Table is one we keep going back to  ... maybe it's because the song seems to speak to a situation we have all found ourselves in lately! 


Fiona Apple - Under the Table




Normally - this is the part of the review where we send you to the artist's social media pages .. but since Fionna has a YouTube page and a MySpace page - we'll skip this feature ;)