The Breakers - RNR's Guide to the BEST new music

We love finding new music.  More so, we love sharing the new music we find with you!  That's why we've launched The Breakers - a new music feature highlighting songs and artists we think you'll love! Check out who we've been checking out below! 

Bleachers - chinatown


There probably aren't too many musicians who would turn down a collaboration from Bruce Springsteen - especially those from New Jersey.  


So it makes sense that BleachersJack Antonoff called working on his new song, chinatown, with the Boss an 'honor of a lifetime' and that Bruce is an 'artist who showed me that the sound of the place i am from has value and that there is a spirit here that needs to be taken all over the world'   ...  pretty sure performing the song live  with him on the roof of Electric Lady Studios was icing on the cake :) 


chinatown (along with the track '45') will appear on the new Bleachers' record due out in 2021 - so until we get the rest of the album - relish in New Jersey's sons collab: 


Bleachers - chinatown ft. Bruce Springsteen


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Gracie Abrams - Friend


If there's one think we learned this year is that while 2020's gonna 2020 - musicians found ways to still put out and promote new music.  


Meet Gracie Abrams - a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles - who took last year off of college to focus on her music ... but thanks to 2020 - she had to pivot the promotional push for her debut EP - Minor.  Instead of touring clubs - she's been streaming shows and hitting the late night TV shows.  


That EP we mentioned - Minor - is jam packed with melodic elctro indie pop that we LOVE right now.  And we aren't the only ones ... besides radio stations, like WRNR, all over the country playing the single Friend, millions of people streaming it, her fans making their own videos - she has caught the ear of one of her musical idols and influencers - Phoebe Bridgers - who has expcliamed that "“Every new song I hear is my new favorite”


Well right now - our favorite is Friend  - and we hope to be able to see Gracie live and not virtually in concert in the near future! 


Gracie Abrams - Friend



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Ray LaMontagne – Roll Me Mama, Roll Me


Earlier this year- Ray LaMontagne dropped a surprise single 'We'll Make It Through' which at the time and still is - the perfect message for 2020. 


What we didn't know then - but we do now is that Ray was prepping a new album that he wrote, performed, produced, and engineered all on his own - how'd you spend your quarantine;) 


One of our other favorite tracks from the the folk and Americana record, titled Monovison, has Roll Me Mama, Roll Me. 


Ray LaMontagne - Roll Me Mama, Roll Me (Official Audio)




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The Nude Party - Lonely Heather


Sometimes a band name makes you pause when you first hear it ... like 'Bare Naked Ladies' or 'Butthole Surfers' ... well - we remember catching Dr Dog at Rams Head Live in 2019 and the opening band's name caught our eye - The Nude Party.  Lucky for us - we get to shows in time to see the all the acts  and The Nude Party - while fully clothed- did not disappoint. 


However  - the band did get their name from their early days as a band when they WOULD perform in the nude - and the audience would decide to party sans clothes as well.  


Fast forward to 2020 - where the sextet (sorry - couldn't resist) have released a  their their second studio album, Midnight Manor, and the lead single - Lonely Heather - is a stomper of a song  and you can check out the Ralph Bakshi New York street animation style inspired video below


The Nude Party - Lonely Heather



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The Strokes - The Adults are Talking


We're not sure when The Strokes picked the title for their sixth album (and first in seven years) - but The New Abnormal certainly seems perfect for 2020.  


Title aside - we are really digging the record- including the opening track - The Adults Are Talking - becuase it brings us back to exactly why we fell in love with the band in the first place - solid lo-fi indie rock that appears to be 100% care free and genuine


The Strokes - The Adults Are Talking (Audio)


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This post was sponsored by RCA Records - but the opinions are those of the WRNR music staff