The Breakers - RNR's Guide to the BEST new music

We love finding new music.  More so, we love sharing the new music we find with you!  That's why we've launched The Breakers - a new music feature highlighting songs and artists we think you'll love! Check out who we've been checking out below! 

Chris Cornell - Patience

On what would have been his 56th birthday (July 20), the Chris Cornell estate has released the musician’s previously unreleased cover of Guns N’ Roses’ classic 1989 ballad, “Patience.”



Before his passing, Chris heard his daughter Toni, then 12, sing “Patience” in their house. She asked him to record the song so she could sing along with him. The finished song was completed a few months before Chris’ death in 2017 *sigh*



A statement on his Facebook page reads:


“His birthday seemed the perfect time to share this and celebrate Chris, his voice, music, stories and art. It is true a man is not dead while his name is still spoken… and, through his art, an artist’s soul still burns just as bright as ever upon all those that look up to him and his memory. Releasing music that was special to Chris keeps a part of him here with us — his heart and his soul. His love and his legacy.”



Milky Chance & Jack Johnson - Don't Let Me Down


Shocker - we love new music (why else would we have this feature) - but when new music is a collaboration from two of our favorite artists - it's like a double rainbow! 


Bringing us to Don't Let Me Down - the new single from Milky Chance and Jack Johnson.  Seems like an odd collaboration - a German Electronic Pop duo teaming up with an American surf folk artist - but  Milky Chance recently revealed why it isn't.


On a live stream performance, lead vocalist/guitarist Clemens Rehbein said:


"We listened to Jack's music since we were teenagers, so we've been big fans for years now.  And it was such a nice experience meeting him on tour two years ago, I guess, for the first time? That already felt like a life goal. And we kept in touch and then we started working together on that song. And now it's out and it's just very exciting."


Turns out that the two parties met in 2018 in Europe.  Jack invited Milky Chance to perform at the Moon & Stars festival in Locarno, Switzerland. They shared the stage again at the inaugural Sea.Hear.Now in New Jersey.


So will this be the only musical output we get from this new friendship between Milky Chance and Jack Johnson - who knows ... but really - who cares, we're quite content with just this track


Milky Chance - Don't Let Me Down feat. Jack Johnson




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Mt. Joy - Strangers


2020 has been an 'odd' year - is that putting it too lightly?  But while we can lament on all the things we didn't get to do this year - we can also embrace some of things we did get - like the new album from Mt. Joy


Rearrange Us, the band's sophomore album, was written during a period of personal struggle and romantic failures and  "glimmers of originality" ( ... The whole album is packed with new musical ideas, including  three part psych-folk suites, gospel singalongs, and grooving road trip rock - but the song we have on repeat is Strangers ... 



One hurdle the band had with this album - is finding ways to promote it during a time when concerts and appearances have been put on hold. But this socially-distanced performance of Strangers from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is amazing <3 -




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The Lumineers - Salt & the Sea


Look - it's no secret we love The Lumineers.  Ever since Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites started writing songs in Ramsey, New Jersey back in 2005  .. but what makes them even more special to us in 2020 is that they were the last concert we saw before the pandemic hit - then they played DC's Capital One Arena on February 28.  


photo: Tedd Henn 


But c'mon - a  two time Grammy nominated band isn't the worst band to see before a concert drought ;) 


And lucky for us - they happened to be touring in support of an amazing album, III (pronounced Three) ... and yes, it is their third album.  


We've loved all the singles from the album - Gloria and Life in the City - but the latest single Salt and the Sea - hits a little closer ... not just because its summer time and we're jonsing to be breathing some salt water air at the beach (wearing a face mask) - but the chill vibes of the track are kind of exactly what we need mid way through 2020 .. ya know?


The Lumineers - Salt and The Sea





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Bakar - Hell N Back


When the song Hell N Back arrived at the station ... we fell in love with Bakar immediately... we weren't alone either - everytime we played the track - more and more of you reached out asking about the singer from London.  


Turns out - we weren't the only ones who were impressed ... the musician - who got started by posting tracks to Soundcloud using samples from Bombay Bicycle Club and King Krule - has also caught the ear of Elton John and Skepta. He's been compared to Bloc Party and says he uses bands like Foals and Madlib to create a sound that's a melting pot of indie, rap, rock, and punk.  


check it out for yourself ... the only thing we can't figure out is why he didn't list LP or Peter Bjorn and John as an influence ;) 


Bakar - Hell N Back (Official Video)





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Moon Taxi - Hometown Heroes



Moon Taxi are some  stand up guys ... but we've known that ever since they agreed to perform at our Eastportaricans - for - Puerto Rico Fundraiser back in 2017.   


The Nashville natives are back with a track called Hometown Heroes. The song's title and message has taken on new meaning in the recent months. According to the band: 

We realize the title of our current single, “Hometown Heroes” has an entirely different meaning in today’s landscape and want to shine a light on those who have and continue to sacrifice their time, energy, and health in order to keep us safe and healthy. ??

As an added bonus - the band is featuring fan's Hometown Heroes in a new video for the track. You can  ??submit a photo, video, and description of who that person is  - whether it's a friend who is a nurse, a neighbor who helped pick up debris after recent storms, your local grocery store clerk, or even you. ... Submit your photos HERE ... and enjoy the animated video fo the track





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Fiona Apple - Shameika


Fiona Apple came back in a big way - releasing her first LP since 2012 - Fetch The Boltcutters.  The album was being hailed as the record of the year in the days after it was released ... in MARCH!


And now - not only has Dave Grohl praised the album for helping him get through his quarantine - it is currently the highest-rated album of all time on Metacritic - which “distils the opinions of the most respected critics writing online and in print to a single number” ... damn ... no wonder we can't get enough of it ... every track on the album is wonderful - but Shameika is the one we keep coming back to  ... 


Fiona Apple - Shameika (Audio)



Normally - this is the part of the review where we send you to the artist's social media pages .. but since Fionna has a YouTube page and a MySpace page - we'll skip this feature ;) 

Black Pumas - Fire


There's not much we need to say about Black Pumas that hasn't been said already - 


"Sam Cooke meets Wu Tang"

"A soulful explosion"

"...tapping the collective unease of the national moment"


But the latest single off their self titled debut album - FIRE - is a track we've really been digging by this Austin TX duo comprised of Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada .. fun fact - Quesada made his way from LA to Austin by busking from town to town  ...


We were really looking forward to seeing Black Pumas when they came to Baltimore this summer - but for now we'll have to listen to the record (or watch their ACL set) until the touring world resets and they are able to come back through 


Black Pumas - "Fire" (Timelapse Mural Video)




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