The Breakers - RNR's Guide to the BEST new music

We love finding new music.  More so, we love sharing the new music we find with you!  That's why we've launched The Breakers - a new music feature highlighting songs and artists we think you'll love! Check out who we've been checking out below! 

Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac


Angus Stone is an Australian record producer, audio engineer and one half of the musical sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone.  After four studio albums with his sister - he ventured out on his own and started releasing solo albums - his first  was released in April 2009 under the pseudonym Lady of the Sunshine, his second, Broken Brights, was released under his own name in 2012 and he is now recording under the moniker of Dope Lemon - who have just released their 3rd album - Rose Pink Cadillac - an album all about true love, manifesting the bright silver clouds that only exist in your deepest dreams, meeting that dream girl you thought was a figment of your imagination.


In case you were wondering - Cadillacs have a special place in Stone’s heart and he fully committed to the album - giving away one to a lucky fan who orders his album



Speaking of the album - 'it was written and recorded by Stone under the spectre of global turmoil. Its sunkissed, unabashedly romantic outlook persists in spite of that: this is a paean to the spell that love puts us all under at one point or another, and an appeal to try and find that rarest of feelings even in times of strife. This is a record to put on with your loved ones, to let envelop and overtake you with its wash of feeling.'


Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac



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The Marias - Hush


There are some songs that arrive at WRNR and when they get played - the entire staff's ears perk up and gravitate to the music office to see what they are .... Hush by The Marias was one of those songs. 


Combining psychedelic and soul sounds of the 60s, with contemporary vibes somewhere between The Cardigans and Tame Impala- their sound is 100% unique ... and we haven't even gotten into the sultry voice of singer María Zardoya.  


We have to wait til 2022 for a chance to see the bilingual band in person (they play 9:30 Club on February 14th ... sounds like we have your Valentine's Day plans set though)


The Marias - Hush





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Milky Chance - Colorado


Friends ... how many of us have them ... and with their new single Colorado - German rock duo Milky Chance  pay homage to theirs - especially the ones who are there to help us get through lifes lows and celebrate its highs.


They told American Songwriter Magazine:

“Imagine being heartbroken, and life feels pretty bad right now and you don’t feel like you can cope with it in this moment ... So, what do you do? You just call your friends willing to have good company and to get away, at least for one night, from all that trouble you had.”


Oh- and by the way - the band wrote the song in TWO hours ... after spending two days trying to write another song


Milky Chance - Colorado




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Joy Formidable - Into The Blue


Originating from North Wales, The Joy Formidable returns with their new song "Into The Blue", the title track from their  much-anticipated 5th studio album (due out August 20th on ENCI Records)


The band describes "Into The Blue" as a song about opening your eyes to beauty & love again. Making it to the other side. Whilst not conceived as a metaphor for the times we all live in now, it certainly turned out that way " 


The Joy Formidable - Into The Blue 




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Kaleo - Break My Baby


It took a little delay - a year actually - but we finally have the new album from Kaleo! 


The band originally delayed the album since they couldn't really tour to promote it - "Due to the global impact of COVID-19"  ... they did thank us for our patience though - "We know you have waited a long time for new Kaleo music and want to thank you for your continued support and patience ... We are still so excited to share this album with you when it is ready."


But despite not getting to tour now til 2022 - they are goign ahead and giving us the album anyways ... in the mean time - you can check out the band's epic socially distanced performances of 2 of the album cuts - seriously  - on a remote island and in front of an erupting volcano - which you can check out below


Kaleo - Break My Baby - Live from a Remote Island in the Middle of the Ocean

Kaleo -Skinny - Live in Front of an Erupting Volcano





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Strumbellas - Greatest Enemy


For the first time since 2019 - we have new music from our fine friends from the north - The Strumbellas. 


But the band's leave of absence is warranted -  lead singer Simon Ward came to the realization that the depression he had been battling was no longer something he could deal with on his ownsought professional help.  The rest of the band gave him the time and space to get right with himself - and reunited in late 2020.  


Ward explains the new track - 


“Greatest Enemy is about how sometimes the toughest battle is the one you have with yourself. The Strumbellas had a rough start to 2020 with canceled tours and mental health struggles, and then the pandemic happened. This is a song about facing the one fight you can’t run from.” 


The band isn't just writning songs about these major issues - they are determined to help bring the conversation about mental health to the forefront because of how the topic impacted them and so many of us. They have teamed up with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for the single’s release.  Good on you Strumbellas!   

Stumbellas - Greatest Enemy  






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Michigander - Let Down


 Michigander aka Jason Singer explains that the title for his new EP 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually' comes from his mindset after the pandemic hit in 2020.  He had just begun to get his music out there and was on the road playing shows when he had to return home.  


Jason recalls: 


At first I wasn’t very concerned, but as the weeks, then months went on, all my plans started to fall apart. It was very hard to not be discouraged everyday. But I just kept telling myself (and my friends) that “everything will be ok eventually”. That phrase kept me going then and still does now. Working on these songs for the entire year has been the highlight of a very dark time for me. I’ve never been more proud of something that I’ve made and I am extremely excited (and impatient) to share this new collection of songs that mean so much to me. Things still might not be great right now, but everything will be ok eventually

And now we get to relish in the fruits of this labors ... with some indie bops that can really get you moving - and some lyrical juxtaposition that make you reflect - like the track we are currently obsessed with - Let Down.  While the song is upbeat and catchy - the lyrics are a contrast -  'I got high hopes ... But they let me down '


We have high hopes that we can get to a state of everything being OK and that we see more of Michiganer in 2021. 

Michigander - Let Down





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Arlo Parks - Hurt


When asked about the inspiration for her song  Hurt - British singer songwriter Arlo Parks references a quote by Caribbean American poet Audre Lorde: ‘Pain will either change or end’  ... that and wanting to create something that felt triumphant, and that you could dance to.  


While the quote certainly makes sense when you dig deep into the lyrics - we think Arlo Parks certainly achieved her goal of a triumphant dancable jam with Hurt.  At just 20 years old - we can't wait to hear what she comes up with next! 

Arlo Parks - Hurt (Official Video)



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Chet Faker- Low


In a year where we all had a little extra time on our hands - a lot of people decided to rekindle some things from their past, like baking, solving puzzles, and reading.  For Nick Murphy - it was bringing back his alter ego / music side project- Chet Faker.  


The Australian had just put out a record under his birth name in early 2020 - so the release of the Chet Faker project comes as a most welcome surprise.  


Low, the first song released under the Faker moniker since 2015,  has a bluesy groove to it but Chet isn't singing the blues - he's got a more positive tune in his voice - with lines like "Just because I feel low right now/ It doesn’t mean all that I’ve got has run out” and  “I think you got purpose/ I think you got song/ You know that I think you should/ Do whatever is worth it/ Just to get to that place there.”


Murphy has promised more Chet Faker music in 2021  - so here's to hoping an album is on the way 

Chet Faker - Low (Official Music Video)



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