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Tickets for The Cure's 2023 US Tour Will Be 'affordable for all fans'

Getting your hands on highly sought after concert tickets has been a struggle lately - with scalpers, bots, and website crashes (can we just go back to camping out the night before?) 


This week, when The Cure announced a 2023 North American Tour - they include some details on how they are going to make their tickets accessible to their fans: 


"apart from a few Hollywood Bowl charity seats, there will be no ‘platinum’ or ‘dynamically priced’ tickets on this tour... We want the tour to be affordable for all fans, and we have a very wide (and we think very fair) range of pricing at every show.  Our ticketing partners have agreed to help us stop scalpers from getting in the way; to help minimise resale and keep prices at face value, tickets for this tour will not be transferable. If something comes up that prevents a fan from being able to use a ticket they have purchased, they will be able resell it on a face value ticket exchange.




"Unfortunately, despite our desire to protect our low ticket prices for fans, the states of NY, IL and CO make this very difficult.  They actually have laws in place that protect scalpers! For shows in these states we urge fans to buy or sell tickets to one another on face value exchanges like and Fans should avoid buying tickets that are being resold at inflated prices by scalpers, and the sites that host these scalpers should refrain from reselling tickets for our shows."