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Paul McCartney Got Back Tour Kick Off Show Includes John Lennon 'Duet' - Watch

Paul McCartney took the stage for the first time in two years this week in - playing an intimate show in Spokane, WA.  


“They said, ‘Get back,’ and we got back. And it feels cool ... You’ll have to give me a moment to myself, just to let me take this in.” 


With a catalog as extensive as his - McCartney doesn’t need any additional hype to pack his concerts .. but that's not the case on this tour.   


For his performance of “I’ve Got A Feeling” - Paul was accompanied by archival  footage of John Lennon, taken from Peter Jackson’s Disney+ documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”.


Check out the two crooning 'alongside' each other.




“So, Peter Jackson, the director of the ‘Get Back’ film, he texts me one day. And he says, ‘We can extract John’s voice. He can sing with you live,’” McCartney told the roaring crowd after the song finished.


Here is some more more crowd shot footage of the show ... and hopefully a preview of what we'll see in June in Baltimore! 




Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles)
Junior’s Farm (Wings)
Letting Go (Wings)
Got To Get You Into My Life (The Beatles)
Come On To Me
Let Me Roll It (Wings)
Getting Better (The Beatles) (First time since 2003)
Women & Wives (Live debut)
My Valentine
1985 (Wings)
Maybe I’m Amazed
I’ve Just Seen A Face (The Beatles)
In Spite Of All The Danger (The Quarrymen)
Love Me Do (The Beatles)
Dance Tonight
Blackbird (The Beatles)
Here Today
Queenie Eye
Lady Madonna (The Beatles)
Fuh You
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (The Beatles)
Something (The Beatles)
Ob La Di Ob La Da (The Beatles)
You Never Give Me Your Money (The Beatles) (First time since 2003)
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (The Beatles) (First time since 2008)
Get Back (The Beatles)
Band On The Run (Wings)
Let It Be (The Beatles)
Live And Let Die (Wings)
Hey Jude (The Beatles)


I’ve Got A Feeling (The Beatles)
Birthday (The Beatles)
Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
Golden Slumbers (The Beatles)
Carry That Weight (The Beatles)
The End (The Beatles)