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Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore Share New Song - 'Finding You Backwards' [LISTEN]

Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith and his wife Mandy Moore have revealed a new song they co wrote just in time for Valentine's Day.   “Finding You Backwards” was composed for the Amazon Original rom-com I Want You Back starring Charlie Day and Jenny Slate (release date February) 11 - you can stream the song below but it is available exclusively on Amazon Music for now.


On the song - Goldsmith had this to say: 


“After reading the script I wrote a piece of music that ended up becoming the main musical motif of the film’s score. The theme had this distinct melodic hook that we’d been teasing throughout the film, and so it felt natural to turn that theme into a classic sounding song to end the film,”


The movie’s composer, Siddhartha Khosla added:

“I proposed that Taylor and I write the song together, and Jason[Director of the film, Jason Orley] was thrilled by the idea as he and I both are huge fans of Taylor’s band, Dawes. Taylor wrote beautiful lyrics to my melody and music, and to cap it off Taylor and Mandy sang it so gorgeously as a duet.”