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Gene Simmons joined Foo Fighters on stage in Vegas - but wasn't offered enough money to play bass for them

Dave Grohl's cover of Rock and Roll All Night by KISS for his Hanukkah Sessions must have left a little bit of an impression on Gene Simmons ... 



...cause the KISS bassist came to see the band he 'can't say enough about their commitment and authenticity to the fans' at a recent show in Vegas.  Simmons joined the band on stage - but didn't jam with them .. maybe he was insulted by Taylor's honorarium offer?    


That didn't seem to matter to Dave though - who was excited to share the stage with the "legendary bass player."  Exclaiming -  I had posters of that motherfucker on my wall when I was a kid. Hold on, let me rephrase that. I still have posters of Gene Simmons on my fucking wall at home."  Check out some fan captured video of the moment below:




I guess for now the Foos will have to settle for performing with 'Kiss Guy'