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Watch: Jack Black Joined School of Rock Students to Cover David Bowie Classic for school's 50th Anniversary

The Blue Bear School of Music opened its doors in 1971 - and over the past 50 years - they've helped 40,000 students discover the power of rock and roll.  


To celebrate their golden anniversary - students from the “original school of rock” celebrated with a performance of the David Bowie classic “Suffragette City” ... and they were joined by none other than Jack Black - who happened to star in a movie called  ... School of Rock.  



On the performance - Black said: “A good friend of mine (Paul Cummins) told me about Blue Bear and the incredible work they’ve been doing.  I jumped at the chance to celebrate their 50th anniversary by jamming some Bowie with their teen all-star band. So fun. What an honor. They’ve been teaching kids to rock since 1971! I love Blue Bear…the original school of rock!!!”