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Watch Dave Matthews Band Debut 'The Only Thing' Via Crowd Sourced Video From Noblesville, IN

Dave Matthews Band played two shows at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana.  Fans there there treated to something new ... new music.  The band debuted a new song on Friday titled “The Only Thing”


Photo: Shots From The Dark/ Lisa Walker 


Before playing the song - Dave exclaimed - “I don’t think I’ve ever played this song before”


Youtube user and video genius ChesterCopperpot5 compiled footage shot by eight fans with two pro taper audio sources to create a video of the new jam:


"The Only Thing" [Song Debut] - Dave Matthews Band - 8/13/21 - [Multicam/HQ-Audio] - Noblesville, IN


This is not the first song to be debuted on this tour - they've also debuted songs  “Walk Around The Moon” and “The Ocean & The Butterfly” - which will likely be on the band's new album that is in the works.  


Dave revealed this summer:  “I think we’re getting really close to being finished with it ... Maybe it will come out in a few months but I’m sure we’re gonna play the songs live.”


DMB plays Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland this weekend - will we hear a new track there?