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Behind The Song: Details On The Origins Of 'Everlong' By Foo Fighters Revealed By The Song's Subject: Louise Post

In 1996, Dave Grohl was in the perfect phase of life to write Foo Fighters’ sophomore album: The Colour And The Shape.   He was going through a divorce with his first wife and starting a  new relationship Louise Post of Veruca Salt ... one of the creative outputs to come from this time was not only a Foo Fighters masterpiece - but one of the most iconic rock songs of the last 25 years: Everlong (side note - it only took Dave 45 minutes to write the song)




All these years later - someone pointed Post to a YouTube video that isolates the drums and vocals on the song and revealed how she ended up being on the song and that she was song's inspiration. 



Post took to Instagram to say: 

I sang these back-ups over the phone at 2am after being woken up from a deep sleep in Chicago by DG who was tracking the vocals for “Everlong” in LA. He wanted me to sing the doo-doo’s, which were inspired by our song “Shimmer Like a Girl”. While I was at it, I wrote a harmony for the chorus and sang that too. The whispered section of this song was originally the dream I was having when the phone rang. It was a dream about us. He later removed it and replaced with his own whispers, one which was a love letter to me. Maybe I’ll tell the full story…eventually…if I feel like it. But I just came across this post and thought I would share for anyone who is interested. XoL


Grohl and Post's relationship ended badly - after Grohl supposedly cheated on her  with Winona Ryder — but seems like she is OK with the breakup and OK with being the subject of such a great song