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Watch Former Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Abbruzzese Rerecords 'Rearviewmirror' With Fans


 "Sometimes you just have to say yes."  


And that's just what former Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Abbruzzese did when agreeing to a virtual cover of the band's song "Rearviewmirror".


Dave and various members of the popular Facebook group Pearl Jam France got together  which originally appeared on Pearl Jam's second studio album, 1993's "Vs."




According to the group who made the final project:

There are 66 participants visible in this video and 69 people if you count those who cannot be seen. It took two months to set up the project from start to finish. From March 30 to June 1, 2021. That is to say 63 days exactly.

Abbruzzese joined Pearl Jam  in 1991 and played on the band's first  three albums "Ten"  "Vs." and Vitalogy ....   but exited the group prior to the latter album's release