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Have Coldplay Fans Deciphered 'Alien Radio' Clues - Will Band Be Dropping New Music In May?

Well ... we've all had some extra time on our hands ... bands and fans alike - and it seems like Coldplay decided to send fans some cryptic clues on new music - and Coldplay fans were up for solving the case ... 


The case started on April 18, when a Twitter account for a website called Alien Radio FM shared its first post which simply read “Transmission incoming. Standby”




In the following days - it began  posting images and videos captioned with coordinates from around the world, always linking to the website.


Now here is where the Coldplay sleuths got their detective on - they noticed the account is listed as the band's account on their website after they had been retweeting  posts.


Cryptic posters and billboards have popped up around the word  - including on buildings in New York and at soccer games in South America.




While this seems like an elaborately vague marketing plan - Coldplay fans think they have cracked the case





The theory: we will be getting a new Coldplay single called “Higher Power” on May 7. They allege the song will contain the lyrics :


“This joy is electric/ And you’re circuiting through/ I’m so happy that I’m alive/ At the same time as you.”


They also deduct that the single will be included on an album called Alien Radio.