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The Wroomba - a Weezer inspired Roomba is 'much better at cleaning than human Rivers [Cuomo]'

Are you one of the 90% of humans who have dreamed of Weezer cleaning their house?  






Until yesterday - it may have seemed like a dream  - but now the group is making dreams come true  announcing on Monday (April 19) that they've  teamed up with iRobot to create their own version of the autonomous cleaner, Roomba - called the Wroomba (the W is silent) 




The reviews (although they seem partial for this bad boy are impressive - with someone who goes by MyNameisJonas1994 saying: "Like having Weezer clean your home, but it actually gets clean," and someone named Pat Wilson   says, "So much better at cleaning than human Rivers [Cuomo]." 



The band is giving five lucky fans to win an iRobot Wroomba robot vacuum with a Weezer skin (that looks like a CD)  - enter HERE.