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Watch Kaleo Perform Tracks From New Record in Front of Erupting Volcanos and On a Rock In The Middle of the North Atlantic Ocean

Kaleo's new album Surface Sounds  will be released this month - and to hype the album - the band has been doing some socially distanced live performances of their new tracks. 


And we mean REALLY SOCIALLY DISTANCED.  Earlier this year- the band perform traveled to the  Þridrangar lighthouse, located atop a remote rock formation in the North Atlantic Ocean, to perform "Break My Baby" 



Most recently  - Kaleo frontman JJ Julius Son who plays a stripped down acoustic performance of "Skinny" in front of an erupting volcano.

 "It was an amazing and surreal experience to film and record this video in front of the live eruption. It was very challenging and required a difficult hike, carrying the equipment with our bare hands. We filmed it during the night, so fortunately there weren't many people there.”



This isn't anything new for the band - who has played “Save Yourself" on a  glacier and "Way Down We Go" inside a volcano