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Watch Black Pumas' Eric Burton Perform 'Colors' at a 2014 Backyard BBQ

You know that person who shows up everywhere with their acoustic guitar and asks you to  listen to their songs?  Well maybe you should give them a chance before telling them no immediately ... you never know who they might turn out to be.  


Before Black Pumas were Grammy nominees - heck before Eric Burton moved to Austin and met  Adrian Quesada and formed a band together - he was busy busking and playing backyard BBQs.  


Luckily - a friend decided to film one of those performances - and the band has recently shared the 2014 of Eric perforning a stripped-down version of the song “Colors” : 


Eric Burton (of Black Pumas) - Colors (Live in 2014)



OK - so maybe not EVERYONE who asks you to listen to their music will turn out to be a Grammy nominee - but you never know ...