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Evan Dando (Lemonheads ) gave an impromptu concert to the employees of the Cape Cod Walgreens that found his wallet [WATCH]

 Losing your wallet can be a major inconvenience ... finding the lost wallet can make you break out in song! And that's just what happened to Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando



Dando recently lost his wallet in Cape Cod, MA and took to internet (the solver of all mystereies these days)  to help track it down.  Dando tweeted out: 




The internet did its thing - and Twitter user and Walgreens employee Mike Ghelfi let Evan know his wallet turned up at the store. “I work at Walgreens in Falmouth and your wallet was just turned in to us. I’ll keep it in the office safe until you can get it.”


Dando was so appreciative of the good samaritan - he gave the Walgreens staff   an impromptu serenade in the potato chip section - notcie the abundance of UTZ chips and not Cape Cod chips. Check out the performace of the  It's a Shame About Ray cut "Confetti," which Gelfi tweeted out: