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You know you're career is on the right trajectory when you get invited to perform live from New York on a Saturday night... and that's just what happened to a one Mr Nathaniel Rateliff  - who was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend (Feb.13) 


Rateliff brought along his long time band the Night Sweats to perform two songs - one new and one old .


The new track titled Redemption - which he discussed on Friday with Bob Waugh on Friday  - was written for Justin Timberlake's latest film, Palmer, which premiered on Apple TV+ in January. 


Nathaniel Rateliff: Redemption (Live) - SNL


Nathaniel Rateliff: A Little Honey (Live) - SNL


Ironically - the last time Nathaniel was in New York City - was almost one year ago - when he played his last show to an audience before the pandemic shut down concerts