RNR News and Notes

This time last year - we were gearing up to see Liz Phair perform at the Lincoln Theatre in DC ... and at Merriwaether with Alanis Morrisette  ... and while we wait to see if that show gets rescheduled- we can at least enjoy the first new music from her in two years.


The song - “Hey Lou” - comes from her new album Soberish, which will be Phair’s first album with new material since 2010’s Funstyle.



The song dives into Phair’s fascination with the relationship between Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson and sees the two - plus Andy Warhol get puppetized. 


Phair said about the track:

Have you ever wondered what love looks like for your favorite celebrity couple behind closed doors? “Hey Lou” imagines a day in the life of two music legends, whose union was an inspiration for rock bands and a source of curiosity for die hard romantics.


Liz Phair - Hey Lou (Official Music Video)


Here's to hoping we get to see one if not both of her area shows this year!