RNR News and Notes

We love a good cover. And a good collaboration - so a good collaboration of two of our favorite bands that's an amazing cover - we're in! 


So when we heard Black Pumas had linked up with Lucius for a cover of The Kinks‘Strangers” - we were sold before hearing it! But you can stream it for yourself below :)




What's even cooler - is the  song is featured in the trailer for the YouTube Original Life In A Day 2020, which will air on CBS during  the Super Bowl on February 7!




Black Pumas singer Eric Burton said of the cover 

To me, ‘Strangers’ has a really interesting way of cutting through straight to the soul,” which . “I had such a good time inhabiting this honest reflection on love lost and the triumph that is a resilient human spirit.”


Black Pumas guitarist and producer Adrian Quesada adds:

“I think this is one of the most thoughtful records I have ever done ... We wanted to show the original ‘Strangers’ its due respect. We really tried to honor the song and its timeless lyrics. The Lucius vocals gave the song another dimension, and I only wish we could have recorded with them in person.”


The Kinks first released the song in 1970 on the album  Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One album