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Annapolis musician Dan Haas' quirky song prompts a donation of 1,000 pairs of socks to the Light House Shelter

Since the pandemic hit in March - Annapolis musician Dan Haas hasn't been able to gig as much as he used to - so he, like many of his contemporaries, took his music to the web - recording stream-of-consciousness songs and posting them online. 



His latest song - about of all things, the Bombas socks he was wearing, caught the eye of the sock makers.


Now if you aren't familiar with Bombas - for every pair of socks they sell - they donate a pair to someone affected by homelessness.


So when Dan sang - 


“Put them on in the morning, they fit like a glove. There isn’t many things I love as much as my Bombas socks, it’s true. The ones I’m wearing now are blue”  


Bombas took notice and responded with a song of their own singing - 


“You put our socks on your feet, now your song’s in our head,”




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They also committed to donating 1000 pairs of socks to the Light House Shelter in Annapolis .  Socks are one of the most coveted items for those living on the street - so with the cold weather setting in - the donation comes at the perfect time!  Thank you Dan and thank you Bombas