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The White Stripes reveal the track list to their upcoming Greatest Hits collection ... via a super challenging crossword puzzle

The White Stripes'  26-song greatest hits album is due out on December 4 ... that we know - what we don't know is what songs will be on it - other than Ball and Biscuit.  



But now - some Stripes Super Fans have the chance to know what songs made the cut - but completing a The White Stripes Crossword Puzzle (click the image to expand)



But this ain't no kids stuff- the puzzle was written by Ben Blackwell, the band’s foremost historian, and has stumped some of the band's biggest fans and colleagues 


Blackwell explains:


“When the idea of a crossword puzzle for announcing the White Stripes Greatest Hits track list came up, I thought it’d be a fun challenge to see how many of the song titles I could wring clues out of WITHOUT using anything to do with the band or their version of the songs.  When TMR co-founder/co-owner (and someone DEEPLY involved in the tracklist selection) Ben Swank told me ‘I don’t know the answers to any of these,’ I felt like I had done a decent job"


So good luck ... and remember - you always do a crossword puzzle in pencil!