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Cold War Kids Announce Unique 'Virtual Tour' Dates for this Fall

With full scale physical touring pretty much out of the picture until next year (hopefully) - Cold War Kids have announced they will have a 'virtual' tour of sorts - by streaming four unique concert performances in the coming months. 




Saturday, October 10 @ 9pm EST: Robbers & Cowards 
First time the band has EVER performed this album in its entirety. For the 14th anniversary. 

Sunday, October 25 @ 9pm EST: New Age Norms 1 + 2 
Performing both albums in FULL to celebrate the release of New Age Norms 2. First time the band have ever performed New Age Norms 2. 

Sunday, November 8 @ 9pm EST: Festival Set 
Your sweaty, outdoor, bang-bang, no time to slow down show. All the songs you know and love. 

Sunday, November 22 @ 9pm EST: Deep Cuts & Fan Favorites 
In the dark club, let’s get close up and intimate. Head back, eyes closed, go all the places and feel all the feelings. 


You can also buy a pass to attend all four nights ;)




The shows will be streamed via NoCap and available to watch worldwide. Each show will be archived & available to rewatch until November 29th at 11:59pm PST 


To make it feel even more like a 'tour'  - the band will have a merch booth set up - with a line of limited-edition swag, including a virtual tour t-shirt, a ROBBERS & COWARDS anniversary t-shirt, and a NEW AGE NORMS hoodie.


Welcome to the new age norms