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Dave Grohl Levels Up In Virtual Drum Battle - Writes/Performs a Theme Song for Viral Drumming Sensation Nandi Bushell

Did you think Dave Grohl was going down without a fight?  The Foo Fighter frontman came back strong in round 2 of his ongoing drum battle with viral 10-year-old rocker Nandi Bushell.


Bushell has been showing off her drumming prowess for the past year- posting videos of her skills online.  


Several weeks ago - she laid down the gauntlet to her hero Dave Grohl - challenging him to a drum battle after posting a video of her playing drums along to the Foo Fighter anthem Everlong.  




After some peer pressure- Dave responded with a challenge of his own – a video of him playing the Them Crooked Vultures track – Dead End Friends.  The youngster wasn’t phased and immediately responded with her rebuttal – playing the track beat for beat. 



Dave accepted defeat – but added he had something special planned for Nandi in his follow up 


Well - that something special turned out to be a personalized Super Hero Theme song - written and performed by Grohl (with some help from "The Grohlettes") 


Before debuting the jam - Dave declared:


"Okay Nandi, you got me. You win round one...But I got something special for you. Something you've never heard before. Something I've never heard before, because I'm about to write this off the top of my head for you." 



That . Is . Awesome. 



Nandi has shared her reaction to the video ! <3