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Wilco's Jeff Tweedy covers Billie Eilish (watch), Reveals details on his upcoming drive-in show concert

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, along with his family, has consistently been providing us with quarantine content for the past few months with "The Tweedy Show"


On the Instagram live feed, the Tweedys have told jokes and stories, performed Wilco songs, and done a lot of covers.  


On the July 23rd (episode 77) - Tweedy covered Billie Eilish's I Love You ... you can hear it below... here is a recap of the entire hour: 


-Jeff says that he's as old as Roy Orbison was when he made the first Traveling Wilburys record

--I Love You (Billie Eilish cover)

--Jeff says he hasn't learned Magnetized

--Jeff plays an instrumental version of Deeper Down

--Jeff explains he can't show his record collection right now because they're everywhere and everything's a mess

--Far Far Away (in a different key)

--Jeff settles the record on the Corona commercial featuring Love Is Everywhere (Beware): it's mostly Pat's vocals used in the commercial

--Rilkean Heart (Cocteau Twins cover sung by Sammy)

--Susie mentions that Casey and Spencer will be performing on Hideout Cosmic Country Friday

--Ain't It Strange (Dr. Dog cover sung by Sammy)

--Susie and Jeff talk about meeting Barack and Michelle Obama

--Jeff says that he got to visit the White House and meet the Obama's dog, but Barack wasn't there. He left him the Diamond Light 10 inch single.

--Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)



In other Jeff Tweedy news - if you are feeling the itch for a live concert and either in the Chicago area or willing to travel - JT will be performing  playing a drive-in concert on September 18 at The McHenry Outdoor Theater in Illinois. 


Tickets go on sale HERE this Friday (7/31) at 11 AM CST ... 



In case you were wondering - yes, there are a ton of safety guidelines (and a COVID liability waiver).  In addition to the show being 18+, the venue has the following FAQ's answered: 


Can I get out of my car? 

Yes, but you must stay within the confines of your space allocated to your vehicle as much as possible. You may lay in the bed of your truck or in the back of a van, you can stand next to your car, but MUST stay in your designated square of space with your party. If you are outside of the vehicle you must wear your mask at all times.


Are masks required? 

Face masks are required anytime you are outside of your vehicle and in all public areas such as the concession cart, restrooms, or box office


What do I do, if I need to visit the restroom?

The bathrooms will be open, with plenty of hand soap and sanitizer available in each. We have also provided protective toilet seat covers in each stall. We just ask that you dispose of the toilet seat covers in the small garbage can in each stall. Please do NOT flush them down the toilet. Every other stall will be closed so we can sanitize them. We will then open those stalls, close the others and, in turn, sterilize those as well. There will be markers on the floor to help with the 6’ of social distancing that everyone is expected to abide by. Please be responsible with following the spacing guidelines when and where available, and of your best discretion in any places where you may not see any markers. 

What do I do, if I want to purchase concessions or merch?

Merch & concession stands will be open. There will be markers on the floor to help with the 6’ of social distancing leading up to both that everyone is expected to abide by.  Please be responsible with following the spacing guidelines when and where available, and of your best discretion in any places where you may not see any markers.


How do tickets work per car, person, and dedicated space? 

A single car pass ticket includes entry for up to 4 people per vehicle. There must be a legal seat and seatbelt for every passenger inside the car. Based on the number of legal & available seats/seat belts beyond the 4 included tickets, a discounted upgrade can be purchased for $30 per person. If you choose to bring less than 4 people the starting base price will remain the same and will not be discounted, no minimum passenger requirement for entry. 

If you have the space and the quaranteam to join you safely, we recommend doing so. It will offset the price to be cheaper per person in the party too! So come out with your squad, but keep in mind the whole party needs to fit comfortably in the dedicated space provided with your vehicle, and everyone is expected to follow those perimeter guidelines. 

No parking available for oversized vehicles (i.e. large vans, buses, motorhomes, etc)


Can we purchase the extra tickets when we arrive, and for a full car at the gate?

Since we are operating at a limited capacity, we expect this event to sell out. It is STRONGLY encouraged to purchase your vehicle pass and extra passenger tickets in advance to ease and quicken entry into the venue, and to help limit any unnecessary points of contact. 

If you do decide at the last minute there is an extra person in your party, we will have customer service attendants at the main entrance to assist with passenger add-on tickets. 

We will have 4 entry lanes with one dedicated to day of show purchases and upgrades. 

Please follow the directional signage upon entry - If you enter into the wrong lane and do not have all of your tickets you’ll be asked to go to the back of the main line. Please don’t be that party. 

Full vehicle day of show purchases on-site will only be offered while space lasts. 

Again, we cannot urge you enough to plan before you arrive and purchase online at


What ticket types are available?

We tried to make this as simple as possible for you. The front 2 rows in front of the stage will be sold as premium viewing.

In addition to premium passes will be sold in the following sections - Front Lot, Middle Lot, and Back Row locations. 

Each section will be parked as first come, first serve basis, so we encourage everyone to plan on arriving early.


Age Restrictions?

This event is 18+ for entry. All passengers must have a valid ID for entry into the show.


Is there re-entry? 

There is no re-entry.


How does sound work?

We will have a full PA system in place for these shows so plan on rolling down your windows to enjoy the show. 

You will be allowed to place chairs in front of/next to your car as long as you do not exceed the designated area assigned to your car. Masks are required whenever you are outside of your personal vehicle. No exceptions.


What time should we arrive?

We encourage everyone to arrive early and allow enough time to get situated in your spot before the show begins. 

Doors at 6:00PM

Each section will be parked in order of arrival, so we recommend arriving early.


Can we bring food?

Yes - please note grills, BBQ pits, open fires, tents and the like are NOT-permitted, You are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked food and nonalcoholic beverages. We will also have concession carts on-site offering food and beverages for purchase.


What concessions are available?

The concession building will be open to the public at a limited capacity and we will be offering freshly made Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Jumbo Pretzels, and Nachos. 

We will also offer a variety of Candy and Bottled Beverages from beverage/food/snack carts in the parking lot.


What steps are being taken to enforce social distancing, & safe dancing?

If you need to leave your car, masks are required. The State of Illinois has a mask policy in effect, we will have a zero tolerance policy on this, anyone not following this rule will be asked to put on a mask or leave the venue.

Your entire party is required and expected to responsibly stay in your dedicated space for your car and party, unless visiting an approved area where distancing must and will be enforced. 

6 foot markers will be placed in these approved aforementioned areas such as concessions, merch and restrooms. 

Our working staff will submit to a temperature check upon arrival, a pre-shift health screening, will be required to wear masks and receive sanitation training prior to arrival at work. All working staff will be provided and required to wear PPP including masks and gloves. 

Disposal masks will also be available upon request if needed to guests.


Are Flow toys allowed?

Flow toys are allowed as long as they stay within the borders of your dedicated parking space and are used safely, not bothering or endangering anyone in (or out of) your party. 


What forms of payment do we accept?

Credit Card and Cash payments will be accepted. We strongly encourage everyone to use credit card payments whenever possible.


What if it rains?

The show is rain or shine. You stay in your car for safety. In the event of severe weather messaging will be broadcast on video screens throughout the venue on our social media platforms.


Can I bring my dog? 

Only service animals will be allowed on-site, no dogs or other pets will be permitted into the event.