RNR News and Notes

Tracy Chapman's 1988 song Fast Car is deeply rooted in the Austin duo Black Puma's history.   


Eric Burton recalls playing the song when he first began busking and it attracted the  the most attention from the people passing by.  


The band has been known to include it in their live sets.  




And now- they have officially realeaed an official recording of it - along with a “Steady Groovin Mix” of their latest single, “Fire”.


According to Burton - 


“To me, ‘Fast Car’ is a song of hope, dreams and a relentless heart to go somewhere and be someone.  I learned the song when I first began to busk and of the covers that I knew, it garnered the most attention from the random passerby. As a musician and artist, I’m attracted to songs that make us reflect on our daily struggles for making life worth living for.”