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Annapolis to Host Citywide Dining and Shopping Event Tonight as a Pilot for Its Recovery Zone Plan

The City of Annapolis will host a citywide shopping and dining event tonight (June 3, 2020) as  a test for their planned 'Recovery Zones'


Similar to the “Dining Under the Stars” events on West Street in past summers - some roads will close so that tables can be added to increase capacity for stores and restaurants. 



The following roads will close:


-Main Street between Church Circle and Francis Street



-Maryland Avenue between State Circle and Prince George Street



-West Street between Church Circle and Cathedral Street



-Market Space between Pinkney and Fleet Streets



The following areas will have reduced parking so that tables can be added without street closures: 


-Main Street in front of Buddy’s Crabs & Ribs

-Main Street in front of O’Brien’s

-Market Space in front of Harvest


The following area will have extended outdoor dining space:


-Bay Ridge Market Shopping Center 



Parking will be free at Hillman Garage and Gotts Garage between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. Paid parking will resume at 11 p.m


 Mayor Gavin Buckley said: 

"We are all looking forward to Wednesday ...We welcome residents and visitors back to Annapolis, where we can all enjoy a dining and shopping experience in a safe environment.”


 The event is a pilot for the City’s planned Recovery Zones.  If it goes well, it will pave the way for the business associations for each zone to plan future events.  The Recovery Zones and associasions include -