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Broadneck High School's Class of 2020 missed out on a lot traditions - but their Senior Prank wasn't one of them

Proms, in person graduations, sports and the remainder of their school year were all cancelled - but that didn't stop Broadneck High School's Class of 2020 from pulling off another high school tradition - the senior prank.    



Senior Pranks are somewhat of a right of passage - and these students decided it was only appropriate to put a pandemic spin on their gag ... posting a "For Sale" sign on their now vacant high school building.  


One student  (who will hopefully  be a film major somewhere this fall)  put together this amazing video showing how the prank was pulled off.   Under any other circumstnances, posting evidence of the prank would have been a  bone headed move most likely resulting in them getting caught.  But with the circumstances the kids are in - seems like everyone got a good laugh out of the move.  


Well played Broadneck High School Seniors!