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Radiohead's Set From Bonnaroo 2006 Is So Good It Deserves a Proper Release (Watch)

When Radiohead announced that this week that they would be adding video footage of their 2006 headlining set from Bonnaroo, compete with audio straight from the soundboard to the Radiohead Public Library we were excited.  


.  Even guitarist Jonny Greenwood exclaimed the night was "easily, comfortably, the best festival experience I've ever had in America"  adding - "I hope the heat, dust, and smell of fine Southern whiskey comes over as well as the songs - and I hope that we get back to live music soon." 


But we weren't ready for this ... the 140 minute set is amazing, giving us all the feels (see the set list below) ... someone needs to convince the band to put this out as a proper release




Radiohead's 2006 Bonnaroo setlist :

00:00:19 There There

00:05:50 2+2=5

00:09:41 15 Step

00:14:31 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

00:18:56 Exit Music (For a Film)

00:23:41 Kid A

00:27:29 Dollars & Cents

00:32:45 Videotape

00:37:44 No Surprises

00:41:59 Paranoid Android

00:48:18 The Gloaming

00:52:00 The National Anthem

00:57:43 Climbing Up The Walls

01:01:23 Nude

01:06:18 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

01:11:04 The Bends

01:15:34 Myxomatosis

01:19:36 How To Disappear Completely


01:27:35 You And Whose Army?

01:31:03 Pyramid Song

01:35:58 Like Spinning Plates

01:39:22 Fake Plastic Trees

01:44:41 Bodysnatchers

01:49:49 Lucky

01:54:10 Idioteque

01:59:12 Karma Police


02:04:47 House of Cards

02:10:38 Everything In Its Right Place



The footage, coutrtesy of Bonnaroo, was Directed by Danny Clinch and produced by Superfly Presents.  Live Sound was done by Jim Warren and Edited by Graeme Stewart.