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Dave Grohl takes to social media to share some of his true life stories to spread some cheer and pass the time


My Name is Dave.


Sometimes I play drums.


Sometimes I play guitar


Sometimes I tell stories. 


I'm currently looking for work, so I thought I'd pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile.  (I'm also a total f*cking spaz who can't sit around doing nothing) 


That's the opening line from @DavesTrueStories - an instagram page started by Dave Grohl.  


And if you know anything about Dave Grohl - you know he's a great story teller and with his illustious career- he's probably got a million of them ... 


Since the page has gone up - Dave has shared stories about everything from his mother to Ozzy Osborne ... check them out below - and be sure to give @DavesTrueStories a follow ... you never know - maybe Mr. Grohl will decide to perform live on there ;) 


Photo: Tedd Henn 


(Each story has multiple pages - tap the arrow on the right side for the story for the next page)


4th of July in Springfield featureing Dave's Mom :) 



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On playing Ozzfest



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Jamming with Prince