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Revisiting Our 40 Favorite REM Songs on the 40th Anniversary of Their First Show Ever

40 years ago - on April 5, 1980 - a band with no name took the stage at the former St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Athens, Ga to play their first show ever at at a friend's birthday party.  Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Bill Berry and Mike Mills would later go on to play hundreds more shows under the name REM


Michael Stipe's thoughts on the show (that featured covers of the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen, the Monkees' (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone and Jonathan Richman's Roadrunner) "It was really fun [but] I don't remember the last half of it." 


Bill Berry recalls being "scared sh*tless" 


Now - 40 years and 15 studio albums, four live albums, 14 compilation albums, one remix album, one soundtrack album, 12 video albums, seven extended plays, 63 singles, and 77 music videos later - we take a look at our 40 favorite REM songs.  


We tried to rank them. - but couldn't agree - so we broke them down into our top 10 and the other 30 ( in alphabetical order)


RNR's Top 10 REM Songs 

Fall on Me 


Everybody Hurts 




It’s The End Of The World As We Know It 


Don’t Go Back To Rockville 


Losing My Religion 


Man on the Moon 


Shiny Happy People 


E Bow the Letter




Our 30 other favorite REM Songs (in alphabetical order) 

All the Right Friends 

Bang and Blame 

At My Most Beautiful 

Bittersweet Me 

Carnival of Sorts 

Crush with Eyeliner



Driver 8

Finest Worksong 

Gardening At Night 

Half a World Away 

How The West Was Won and Where It Got Us 

King of the Road 

Orange Crush

Perfect Circle 

Pop Song 89 

Radio Free Europe 

Radio Song 

So. Central Rain 


Star 69

Strange Currencies 


Talk About the Passion

The Great Beyond 

The Lion Sleeps Tonight 

The One I Love 

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight 

What’s The Frequency Kenneth




And if you made it this far - here's a REM's 1991 MTV Unplugged Session