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Quarantine Kids Got Talent: Check out these kids showing off their skills while stuck at home

If there is any silver lining in the global COVID 19 pandemic - it is that it is happening at a time when we all have cameras in our pockets pretty much all the time and the ability to share our content with the world just by tapping the screen. 


While we've been enjoying all the living room concerts and ZOOM jam sessions - one thing we've really been digging is seeing how many freaking talented kids there are out there! 


Check out a few of our favorites ... and if you have one you want to share - send us some info at ... or tag us (@103wrnr) on your social media :) 


We have to start with the OG of badass kids - 9 year old Nandi Bushell ... she's been our idol for a while - but challenging Travis Barker to a drum battle - that's next level! 


Travis Barker - Nandi Bushell - Drum Battle



Next we head to Italy - where this talented pair of 12 year old twins posted an inspiring violin rendition of Viva la Vida by Coldplay ... of the performance, they said:



“We thought we’d spend a bit of time with you all, from north to south. For us, music is a source of relief, and we hope you guys can use it too.  ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay seemed like the perfect song for this Sunday, full of sunshine and hope.”


Mirko e Valerio, Violinisti Little Band covers "VIVA LA VIDA" (Coldplay) during quarantine in Italy



Next we have drummer from right here in Maryland (you can tell by his drum kit) .. 9 year old Rollins has posted a few videos of his guitar and drum skills - but this Nirvana jam is our favorite! 


In Bloom (Nirvana) - Drum Cover - 9 Year Old Rollins



Another local talent we found came to us in the mail .... seems that Nick saw our post about the CAAMP coloring book and took some time to complete the pages and send them to us ... Thanks Nick!