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John Krasinski's Some Good News Network is What We All Need Right Now


Why is it that the news only seems to report on the negative narratives?  That's a question we all seem to be asking - especially now.  The positive, feel good stories are always buried in the second or third segment of the broadcast ... 


Well, John Krasinski - aka Jim from The Office - has started his own news network - SGN (Some Good News network) 


He started the project with a tweet - asking people to send him some inspirational stories that are making them feel better these days 




And the response was unbelievable .. who knew - people want to hear positive news :) 

He got over 1,000 retweets and 20,000 likes ... so he decided to start his own network - via YouTube.  So far - as of March 31- he's only had one broadcast - but it covers a lot of positive stories, features some special guests, and even hints at a reunion of The Office! 


Check out SGN Season One Episode One :